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Top 3 Things To Know Before Getting Into PR

14 Sep 2017

Is the Public Relations Field Right For You?

Public relations can be a misunderstood profession, often confused with its partner industries: marketing and advertising. But PR is really the middleman between these two areas. It is a creative field filled with many of its own nuances. If you’re considering a career in the public relations field, here are the top three things we think you should know before you begin.

Learn the art of storytelling

PR is all about storytelling. It’s about pitching/selling your brand to the media, and the best way to do this is by telling the brand story. Publicists know how to work with a brand’s image and help tell their truth, purpose, and vision with just the right words. If you consider yourself a writer, this is a great profession for you. If you are a little rusty on the grammar, practice makes perfect!

Communication is Key

Every publicist knows that their network is their driving force. Knowing the right contacts in the right market will help publicists in their outreach for any client campaign. You can practice building up your network by going to networking events, following up with people you’ve just met, or scheduling a coffee date with someone you really hit it off with at a party. It’s all about engagement and making purposeful connections.

Look the part

Whether you are a publicist at a fashion, technology, or beauty agency, always remember to look the part. As a fashion & lifestyle PR company, our employees tend carry themselves with a chic and stylish flair. When you’re meeting with potential clients, you want them to see from the start that you’re immersed in the industry.

We hope this helps you in your journey to becoming the best publicist you can be!


3 Reasons Why Your SEO and PR Strategies Should Align- 2017/2018

12 Sep 2017

SEO, PR Firm NYC, branded content, Neil Patel, Backlinko

If you’re picturing a public relations team researching keywords and scouring analytics before issuing press releases, that interpretation isn’t too far off from reality. Combining SEO best practices with strategic PR can pay off in big ways. Here are three compelling reasons you should align your SEO and PR strategies.

1. Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization Share a Purpose

Whichever side of the equation you’re on, you might wonder what SEO and PR have in common. One focuses on keywords, and one focuses on marketing, right? But beyond the basics, SEO and PR are both digital marketing features that serve to promote brand outreach, boosting views and earning leads.

Lead Generation Matters

Both SEO and PR have the same purpose, but the approaches are different. Public relations focus on developing and delivering quality content. In contrast, SEO involves specifically targeting content based on keyword research and anticipated success.

A new tool in SEO, schema markup, might help you boost your website’s position in search engine results, Kissmetrics suggests. This tool merges PR and SEO because the schema markup gives meaning to your data. Honing your audience appeal takes more than adding schema markup, however.

Making consumers aware of your product and earning their trust are vital PR goals, so schema markup, SEO, and branded content all help build relationships with customers. The below infographic from Neil Patel shows the upside to branded content, even if you’re only selling products.

Neil Patel, SEO, PPC, Branded Content, PR Firm NYC

Quality is More Important Than You Think

Too much emphasis on SEO and not enough on relevance and quality makes your content fall flat. Similarly, ignoring the customer experience for convenience won’t help your business. For example, failing to optimize mobile pages leaves a customer segment with a slow and unresponsive site experience.

Combining the strengths of SEO and PR means your marketing packs a double punch: attracting a specified audience and turning it into a loyal customer base. White hat SEO, as content guru Neil Patel explains in a guide to SEO, is already related to your brand’s PR position.

According to Neil, white hat strategies include:

  •       Relevant content
  •       Well-labeled images
  •       Relevant links and references
  •       Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar
  •       Standards-compliant HTML
  •       Unique and relevant page titles

Most of these strategies zero in on customer experience, which is top on the list of PR items that digital content should address. The key is longevity since simply earning clicks won’t do much for your website’s ranking or its bottom line.


As Backlinko notes, links are the best way to deduce web page quality. For the best chance at growth, you’ll want links from websites with authority on relevant topics. Google evaluates your site based on more than just keywords, and your connections to other websites influence your business’s ranking.

Beyond meaningless links, backlinks from influential sites in your industry or genre help your reputation and your standing with Google. Winning backlinks in earned coverage does take effort, however. From a PR perspective, earning links is about building relationships with others in the industry and offering value to them.


Photo by rawpixel

2. Merging SEO and PR Spurs Collaboration

Whether your business has ten employees or 100, ensuring that all team members are on the same page is the best way to make progress. If one team (or individual) is responsible for implementing SEO and another team handles press releases and media, you’re missing out.

How Can You Build Stronger, Savvier Teams?

Pushing your SEO gurus and PR professionals together forces them to share knowledge. Collaboration is the key to any business, but cross-training between the behind-the-scenes SEO work and the front-lines PR vehicles keeps the end goal in focus.

If your website content is all over the place without regard for SEO, or worse, with SEO but complete disregard for the human visitor’s experience, it won’t matter how great your recent ad campaign appears on social media. Your website and your media must mesh for the best customer experience.

While larger businesses benefit from merging their content and public relations teams, smaller companies might look toward a professional agency to handle their brand’s visibility. PR firms act as outside support for media needs, and celebrities in crisis aren’t the only ones who benefit from savvy PR representation.

SEO, NYC PR Firm, Public Relations Agency

Photo by Lalmch

3. How Does Aligning SEO and PR Earn Authentic Leads?

Using SEO and PR strategies help increase your reputation both online and off. You might consider paying for advertising when using SEO alone, since revamping your on-page SEO doesn’t guarantee visibility. Using PR strategy and tools alongside SEO negates the need for paying for clicks.

Eliminating Pay-Per-Click

PR focuses on earned media rather than directly paying for advertising, which is what Neil Patel recommends for businesses focusing on white hat SEO. See his video below about why you shouldn’t artificially boost social media posts, specifically Facebook.

You might think that paying for advertising on Facebook will earn your website more sales, but unless you’re directing the boosted posts to a product page, this method won’t help over the long term. Take Neil’s advice, and skip the paid ads on Facebook or any other social media site. Instead consider investing your money in and AdWords campaign. Learn more about AdWords in this piece from Fit Small Business

Real Links Translate to Real Relationships

Authority Hacker shared an expose of link building services across a range of pricing options. None of these services were impressive, according to Authority Hacker, and likely aren’t worth the money they invested.

Part of the issue with for-hire link building that’s not managed by a professional PR team is that Google can penalize your site for questionable linking. With PR, you’re earning links based on manual outreach and connection, not from sites whose sole reason for existence is to post guest posts for paying customers.

PR & SEO Go Hand in Hand

In a digital world that encourages automation of nearly every business task, you might be tempted to add a few SEO plugins to your website and call it a day. But without the right PR strategy to back up those basic steps, your business is missing out on better leads, sales, and growth.


Six Must-Have Beauty and Fashion Apps

05 Sep 2017

The cell phone is a girl’s best friend, and any fashion or beauty lover knows that sometimes the perfect app is all you need to boost your style game. Here are six apps that are a must have right now.

1.)    The Glam App

Want a makeover without leaving the comfort of your home? The Glam App brings hair and makeup services directly to your door. With options ranging from makeup applications to a polish change, The Glam App will bring the salon right to you. Stay in your pajamas while stylists work their magic.

2.)    Bellashoot  

Bellashoot is a one-stop-shop for everything beauty. Here you can find unbiased product reviews, video tutorials, and quick tips from bloggers and beauty lovers just like you. You can even create custom collections based off your own beauty interests. Share your beauty advice and learn from others in the community.

3.)    GlamScout- Makeup Match and Live Makeovers

Want to recreate a look you saw in a magazine or on your favorite celeb? Glam Scout-Makeup Match and Live Makeovers allows you to upload a pic of the look and find exactly where to get your hands on the products. Take a picture of yourself directly on the app and try out these products in real time. Glam Scout features both department store and drugstore products, so it will serve every budget.

4.)    Suggesty

Suggesty delivers its own personal shopping experience in the palm of your hand. Build your own profile and be matched with fashions from both emerging and established designers, and have them delivered right to your door. The affordable prices and focus on your own personal style and body type makes Suggesty the perfect personal stylist.

5.)    Think Dirty

It’s important to know what goes inside the beauty products we use every day. Think Dirty allows you to scan the barcode of any beauty product or cosmetic to see what toxins lie inside. After finding out what harmful chemicals rest inside your everyday products, shop for cleaner options, directly through the app. Dirty no more!

All apps can be purchased on the iTunes Store.

The MTV VMA 2017 Top Red Carpet Looks

28 Aug 2017

The MTV VMA’s were a star-studded event filled with music icons of the past year. Katy Perry hosted and looked beautiful in her blonde pixie-cut and designer outfits. Kendrick Lamar, Fifth Harmony, and Pink’s performances were show-stoppers and Logic, Khalid, and Alessia Cara gave a powerful performance raising awareness of suicide prevention, equality, and inclusion. Now without further ado, lets take a look at the celebrities that shined on the blue carpet!

Yara Shahidi wearing Zimmerman | Photo: Refinery29


Alessandra Ambrosio wearing Balmain  | Photo: Refinery29
Heidi Klum wearing Peter Dundas | Photo: Refinery29
Katy Perry wearing Stephane Rolland | Photo: Refinery29
Millie Bobby Brown wearing Rodarte | Photo: Refinery29
Paris Jackson wearing Dior | Photo: Refinery29


Teyana Taylor wearing 1995 Janet Jackson VMA inspired look | Photo: Refinery29



Falling for Fall Fashion – Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

25 Aug 2017

Is it just us or is 90’s fashion making a comeback? The trends for this Fall season have us falling in love with boot cut jeans, corduroy, and over-sized anything. From pumpkin spice-lattes to burgundy nails, we’re not sure which we are most excited about.  Check out our top picks for this season’s Fall fashion must-haves.

Tory Burch, Winter Floral

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Photo: Vogue
Mango Corduroy Trousers       

Photo: Vogue

Christian Siriano, Political Wear

Photo: PopSugar

Balenciaga Floral Leather Boots

Photo: Barney’s New York

Top 5 Red Carpet Looks Featured at The Teen Choice Awards 2017

18 Aug 2017

This year’s Teen Choice Awards did not fail to impress us. Ellen Degeneres gave a heartfelt message to teens across the country, Bruno Mars received the Visionary Award, and Zendaya stepped out on the blue carpet redefining sleepwear in her Ashish design.

We saw lots of fashion showstoppers that caught our eye. Check out our top five looks below!

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice looks sleek in all-white.

Photo Credit: TeenVogue

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi is sporty with a pop of heels.

Photo Credit: TeenVogue

Chandler Kinney

Chandler Kinney serves an elegant black-and-white color block.

Photo Credit: TeenVogue


Zendaya redefines men’s sleepwear.

Photo Credit: TeenVogue

2017 Teen Choice Awards, Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo is cool in his signature street-style.

Photo Credit: E! Online 

Influencer Marketing: Tips on Best Way to Budget

15 Aug 2017

New York PR Firms, beauty and fashion Public relations, influencer marketing


We recently sat down with Frank Spadafora, the founder of D’Marie, a social media analytics and casting company that connects brands with influencers.

We chatted about the Influencer and Digital Marketing industry and how brands can leverage these new avenues to increase digital presence and revenue.

Over the last few years, there has been a major increase in Influencer and Digital Marketing spending, with over 83% of brands now using Influencer Marketing and social media campaigns as part of their overall brand strategy.


Influencer marketing, NY PR Firms, D'Marie

Influencer Marketing is currently a $72 billion dollar industry, making up roughly 11% of the national marketing spend.

Brands continue to gravitate toward Digital and Influencer Marketing because it’s much easier to measure and track their return on investment (ROI).


ROI, Influencer Marketing, New York Pr Company, D'Marie


Within any company there are typically three different branches that will have budget to spend on Influencer Marketing:

Depending on the branch that is allocating the budget, the goals of a campaign might be very different and determining how much to spend and who to spend it on is entirely up to the brand.

When companies are considering how to best spend their influencer budget, they should look at the influencers who would best move the needle for the business, and this decision goes well beyond basic follower count.


digital marketing, influencers, new york fashion PR


D’Marie has developed a proprietary algorithm that measures over 56 metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to give brands a better understanding on things like posting frequency, quality of posts, content reach, and more.

All of these metrics allow D’Marie to better track the success of any given campaign and the reach of any given influencer.


new york pr firm, amp3pr, d'marie, influencer marketing


As with all other forms of advertising, it’s important for brands to remember that their spend is directly proportional to the ROI they can expect. The higher the spend, the more people a company will reach.

It’s also important to know that the price of influencer marketing fluctuates like the stock market, every day there are new prices and evaluations, which is why staying up to date on data is crucial. Individual rates will also vary through negotiations on the brand and influencer side.  

That being said, D’Marie recently evaluated Beyoncé and found that she is the first person to reach $1 million for a single post across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  


Influencer Marketing, New York PR Firms, Beauty and Fashion, D'Marie


Further proof that the value of the influencer is undeniable in today’s market!

Check out the video below for more:


When D’Marie launched in 2015, Frank hired AMP3 to handle their PR needs, check out the case study here.

Fashion PR Firm Hosts CAMP3 Bootcamp (Recap) [2017]

10 Jul 2017

The “CAMP3” PR Bootcamp

On Friday, June 30th, the AMP3 PR team hosted our first inaugural CAMP3 PR Bootcamp, which catered to driven college students studying PR, Marketing and Communications.

CAMP3 was designed to serve as an incubator for the next generation of talented PR professionals and leaders, providing mentorship and encouraging best practices.

PR 101 Food CAMP3 New York City Soho Office
Our Campers and the AMP3 Team

A Day in the Life of Fashion PR Firms NYC

Ten bright and enthusiastic college students were chosen to participate in a full day of real world PR training at the AMP3 PR office in Soho.  

PR 101 Food CAMP3 New York City Soho Office
Co-Founder Alyson Roy kicks off CAMP3 with a discussion on Traditional PR

These students gained insights on different aspects of the industry (while working on a case study), and the AMP3 team directed sessions on social media best practices, traditional media and influencer outreach, surviving NYFW, and internship do’s and don’ts.

Social Media Best Practices AMP3 Team
Members of the AMP3 Team share social media best practices


The Fashion PR Industry: Hearing from the Other Sides

The event also featured guest speaker Q&A’s with Leo Chan, content creator and founder of Leviate Style, and Tiffany Yannetta, Shopping Director at

Leo Chan, Influencer Marketing, PR Firms, Fashion and Lifestyle, Soho Location
Leo Chan of Levitate Style talks with the students about pitching to an influencer
Influencer Marketing, Soho, NYC, Fashion PR Agency
Tiffany Yanneta from talks with the students about pitching to the media


Our Awesome Fashion PR Bootcamp Food Sponsors

Sponsors for the event included breakfast from Baz Bagels, lunch from Dig Inn, and sweet treats courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.

Each student also received  “CAMP3 Survival Kits” with notepads from Rifle Paper Co, jewelry and books from PR Couture, books from Intern Queen, and tote bags fromCat Footwear.

PR 101 Food CAMP3 Soho Bagels
Breakfast sponsorship from Baz Bagels
PR Event, Food, Fashion and Lifestyle, College Students, New York
Lunch sponsorship from Dig Inn
PR Firm ,Soho, College Students, Fashion PR, Dessert
Bootcamp break with sweets from Magnolia Bakery