• At AMP3, we understand the importance of affiliate marketing and how it overlaps with earned media coverage.

  • Affiliate Marketing is the process by which a publisher or content creator earns a commission for plugging, marketing and most importantly linking to a brand’s products or online store.

  • In today’s digital media landscape, all of the major publishing houses are prioritizing coverage of products that offer an affiliate link for commission, so if you don’t have a program in place, these coveted press placements are even more difficult to secure.

  • We can help you navigate the world of affiliate marketing, by getting your affiliate program set up, and integrating it into your earned media strategy.

  • Through Affiliate Marketing, we amplify your brand.

Affiliate Network Management

Identifying the best affiliate networks to get you and supporting set-up and maintenance for your marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Program Development

Strategizing the most competitive affiliate commission structure based on your margins and targets generating revenue.

Outreach & Management of Media Partnerships

Connecting with the top editorial publishers to connect them to your affiliate marketing program, and leveraging this opportunity for even more editorial coverage.

Outreach & Management of Influencer Partnerships

Connecting with the top social media influencers & content creators to connect them to your affiliate program, and leveraging this opportunity for organic social media coverage.

Reactive Affiliate Opportunities

Using our agency account on a leading affiliate platform, we will have access to additional editorial opportunities looking for affiliate partners for upcoming gift guides and other coverage.

Affiliate Marketing Reporting & Measurement

A dedicated affiliate manager will measure the ROI on affiliate links including click-through and overall sales conversion.


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