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We are a leading Beauty PR agency that understands the beauty industry. This market is crowded and competitive, and in order to stand out from the pack, Our firm makes sure its beauty clients have fresh and unique ideas that connect them with their audience on both an aesthetic and emotional level.

Beautiful Campaigns that Turn Heads

AMP3 PR offers its clients outstanding beauty and cosmetics PR services. As leading PR advocates, we know first-hand that if one person has a positive experience with a product or service, they will tell their friends about it. We can help build word-of-mouth marketing for your luxury beauty product through a combination of our media outreach, social media and event planning services.

The digital space is key in the beauty world, as consumers look to platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for “How To” tutorials and DIY techniques for popular hair and make-up trends.  At AMP3, we work with the top beauty bloggers, vloggers and influencers to create meaningful partnerships that extend to their audience of beauty enthusiasts.

In beauty, experience is everything. From sampling to makeovers, and demonstrations to experiential marketing, we create and promote beauty events designed to engage both the media and consumers.

Impactful Results

Our agency delivers revenue generating coverage and partnerships. The proof is in the placements. It’s amazing what the clever formula of “Right Contact, Right Story, Right Time” can do in the hands of a capable team.

With every campaign, our ability to craft the most compelling brand stories has lead to placements in leading Beauty publications such as Allure, Vogue, New Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, ELLE, People, Pop Sugar, Byrdie, Total Beauty and more.

AMP3 PR’s beauty product marketing campaigns change the future of our clients’ brands by creating brand loyalty among the clients’ target audience. We think outside the box in order to maximize results for our beauty and cosmetics PR clients. Our beauty marketing experts promote cosmetics, haircare, luxury, spa, and make-up brands.

From experiential influencer press events like we did with DERMA E (see video recap on the left) to Beauty Editor Pampering Days hosted inside the HEARST building, we will get your product in front of the right contacts to amplify the noise around your brand.

Derma E East from AMP3 PR on Vimeo.

Our Beauty Clients

We represent beauty, makeup, cosmetic, hair care, nail care, and skin care brands. Some of our beauty clients include global brands like Derma E and emerging brands like KL Polish, Voesh and SF Glow. We also handle beauty & tech start-ups and backstage beauty events including New York Fashion Week. We athe proud recipients of the BCA’s “2018 Agency of the Year” award for Beauty and Fashion PR Agencies recognizing our work, company atmosphere and philanthropic initiatives within the sector.

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