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Trend Watch: Check out what’s on our AMP3 trend radar this week

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Today, we’re offering you an exclusive look into the inner workings of ELLE magazine. Discover what makes ELLE tick as we uncover insights shared by Carol Lee. Plus, we’ll give you the lowdown on the trends shaping 2024 this month. 

Industry Insights – From Carol Lee, ELLE

Carol Lee, a prominent figure at ELLE, offers valuable insights into the publication’s editorial direction and preferences:

Content Focus: 

ELLE predominantly covers travel-related products, with a keen eye on trending SEO topics. Currently, Carol is delving into subjects such as Vitamin C, Hair Loss, Anti-Aging, and Retinol, emphasizing the publication’s commitment to staying relevant and informative.

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SEO-driven Story Selection:

Like many modern publications, ELLE’s story selection is heavily influenced by trending SEO topics. This ensures that their content remains relevant and resonates with online audiences seeking timely information.

Luxury Emphasis in Features: 

ELLE’s feature articles predominantly spotlight luxury products, with lower-priced items typically finding space in roundups. However, inclusion in such roundups can be facilitated by having a medical expert on hand for quotes, particularly for lower-priced products.

Spirit Brands Coverage:

Carol used to work at Food Network and says the publication is open to covering spirit brands if they are suitable for whatever story they’re already covering 

Divergent Thematic Focus: 

While beauty and fashion are intertwined, they often pursue different thematic paths. While back-to-school themes may resonate with the fashion team, they hold little interest in the beauty section.

What’s Trending:


Capri jeans have been predicted to become the next big denim trend.

Blue accessories have taken over spring 2024, from totes, ballet flats, mules, tights, hats, and more.

Vogue highlights this spring’s micro-trends: drop-waist dresses, fashion flip-flops, sheer skirts, cargo pants, poplin skirts, Au Natural footwear (ballet flats), sporty polos, structured suited vests, and heeled sandals.

Target has launched an 80-piece pickleball apparel collection.


NYLON showcases makeup trends like liquid silver eyeshadow and greige lips, while Coachella 2024 brought forth glow-in-the-dark nails and color-block eyeshadow.


Target’s decision to card buyers of zero-proof alcohol sparked backlash on TikTok, while Bonny Doon Vineyard’s innovative paper bottle aims for sustainability.

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Partnerships like Thirteen Lune and American Airlines offer premium skincare to first-class passengers, while Samsonite champions eco-friendly luggage. 

Condé Nast predicts diverse travel trends for 2024, from astro-tourism to biohacking resorts.


Taylor Swift’s album release surprises fans with an extended tracklist, and TikTok trends continue to shape pop culture discussions.

Successfully navigating the ever-changing landscape of industry trends requires adaptability and foresight. By understanding the preferences of influential publications like ELLE and staying informed about emerging trends, brands/clients can position themselves effectively to engage with audiences in 2024 and beyond.

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