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Health & Wellness PR | NYC

At AMP3, wellness is a big part of our company culture. From testing out the latest fitness trends to trying the Whole 30 Diet as a team, we value finding new ways to live a healthy lifestyle and find joy in promoting campaigns that will help to improve the lives of others. Today’s consumer is hyper-aware of health trends from gluten-free living to bootcamp classes, and millennials are particularly engaged with the importance of self-care and a healthy body image. At AMP3, we tell feel-good stories that connect with this audience and help to impact the consumer’s overall wellbeing.

We secure media coverage for our healthcare brands in print and broadcast, offering up clinical data and our network of nutritionists and medical professionals as experts. We also execute digital and social media campaigns that bring awareness to our clients, and we work with influencers in the space through product seeding, demonstrations, and “before and after” style testimonials. We also host special events, offering up exclusive fitness classes, tastings or product demonstrations for health editors, and consumer-facing stunts to build awareness in front of the general public.

Our health & wellness clientele include salon and spas, fitness studios and gear, and food and beverage product lines. From comfortable high heels designed by a foot doctor to a women’s hair salon targeted at females who struggle with thinning hair or hair loss only–we represent companies designed with wellness at the core.

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