• At AMP3, we understand the importance of online visibility and how to harness the power of this ever-changing digital marketing landscape. We execute multi-pronged digital PR programs designed to maximize brand awareness, search engine relevance, web traffic and ultimately, sales.

  • We offer targeted online media outreach services, securing digital press placements that will increase your brand’s online visibility across the web, providing easy access to your site.

  • We also do blogger outreach with an emphasis on niche micro-bloggers and broad lifestyle bloggers with audiences that match your target market, and we work with influencers to generate consumer awareness and engage with your target demographic.

  • Through traditional PR and Digital Marketing, we amplify your brand.

Blogger Outreach + Seeding

Identifying relevant bloggers for your product whether that be a particular niche or specific city, and seeding product for reviews, feedback, testimonials and content creation.

Social Media Strategy + Playbook Creation

Conceptualizing the tone, voice and aesthetic of your social media channels and developing a calendar and strategy for posting that is consistent with your digital PR strategy.

Social Media Implementation

Daily implementation of your social channels, including content creation, scheduling, posting and community management (responding and reacting to all consumer feedback).

Influencer Marketing & Collaborations

Conceptualizing ambassador campaigns and identifying the right bloggers and influencers to connect with your brand. Seeding product for content creation that can serve as User Generated Content (UGC) from respected voices that we can re-post on your channels.

Social Bookmarking

Researching and facilitating the submission of articles to digital pr outlets like Digg, Medium, StumbleUpon, Reddit (among others) so that articles, press releases and stories can get picked up by other sites and users.

Creation and Maintenance of YouTube Campaigns

Creating a viral campaign by conceptualizing relevant videos, designing a channel profile, uploading and tagging the videos with keywords, developing subscriber lists, friends and channel favorites, and maintaining interaction within these networks.

Content Creation

We will identify digital PR opportunities that will help you reach your target audience and enhance your search engine relevance using strategically placed blog posts, bylined articles, videos, images, and other media.

Metric Analysis

Creation, maintenance, monitoring visitibility on search engines, and analysis of site metrics and referral traffic so that we can focus resources on the most successful methods above to increase overall brand exposure.


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