Garage Influencer Event NYC

Garage Influencer Event Recap

Michael Aiello Event, Fashion

Garage, a Canadian-based clothing brand, came to AMP3 PR for help with their first-ever NYC Launch event.  The event was built to showcase their new Holiday 2019 collection. AMP3 PR had just 3 weeks to conceptualize and execute this brand-right influencer event titled  “After Midnight”.   With over 300 stores across Canada, Garage is part of Groupe Dynamite, the global fashion retailer …

Tencel Fibers Sustainable Fashion

What is Ethical Clothing?

Samantha Fashion

If you’ve been following fashion trends recently, you’re probably aware of the newest one: Sustainable Fashion.   Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing are taking the fashion industry by storm; an industry that’s known for its toxicity both in the way clothes are made and in the disposal of their waste.  Without realizing it, we’ve all been partaking in the consumption of …

met gala cover photo

Fashion’s Biggest Exhibit Is Here

Camila Fashion

Camp: Notes On Fashion photo: The met costume institute  Every year, Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City join together to bring us the biggest night in the world of fashion. Considered to be one of the most exclusive parties out there, the MET Gala is where celebrities, supermodels, fashion designers, and the world’s leading fashion …

Sasha Hart Influencer

Top Fashion Influencers in 2019

Samantha Fashion, Influencer & Celebrity

Perhaps it’s the changing of the seasons, perhaps it’s an attempt to get out of that winter funk.  Whatever it may be, this time of year always brings throngs of people to retail stores with a newfound drive to get the best spring/summer wardrobe.   While some people venture on this journey with a specific mission in mind, some people …

Ximena Kavalekas Bags

AMP3 Pick: Top Miami Fashion Brands & Designers

Samantha Fashion, Travel and Hospitality

It’s often been asked, has Miami become a fashion capital? Whether it’s Miami Fashion Week in May, Miami Swim Week in July, or tons of boutiques, pop ups and mainstream fashion stores, Miami has become home to some of fashion’s hottest events (quite literally), as well as the birthplace of fresh, innovative designs. From the Miami Swimwear shops on Ocean …


Must Have Bags For This Spring And Summer

Camila Fashion

Bold Bags Are In Accessories can take a plain and boring outfit, and transform it into something that is so much greater. The accessory market can be quite turbulent, especially as so many new fashion designers try to release their own versions of the coming season’s “must have” bag. In recent seasons, there have been some really unique design developments, …

Eberjey So Solid Bottom

AMP3 Pick: Top Miami Swimwear Designers

Samantha Fashion, Travel and Hospitality

It’s that time of year where Spring Break opens the doors to warmer weather, vacation planning, and the countdown to summer.  New Yorkers are at the edge of their seats, awaiting the end of that cold, frosty funk. What better way to do so than daydream of Miami? Miami has been called the capital of electronic dance music, Latin American …

casual office wear free photo

The Future of Workplace Dress And Way Of Life

Camila Fashion

Goldman Sachs “Sached” The Suit This Week Men’s Suit From J. Crew Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs announced that it will now be allowing it’s employees to come to work in more “casual” attire, so can we officially say that suits have been “Sached” from the workplace? This is actually major news because Goldman Sachs has always had an infamously …

Sustainable fashion header

Sustainable Fashion: Materials That Are Changing The Industry

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The Future of Fashion is Green and Ethical It is now becoming mainstream knowledge that the fashion industry is of the most wasteful and environmentally harmful industries in existence. Demand for fast fashion, and a huge increase in clothing production and consumption, has left many companies with little to no regard for the long term impact on the environment. Big …

NYFW Trend Report Fall / Winter 2019

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Some Amazing NYFW looks, Photo: Yardins/ Shutterstock; Ashley Britton NYFW Reveals the Latest Trends for Next Season New York Fashion Week just came to a close and left us all in awe of next season’s exciting new trends. NYFW only happens twice a year, and brings with it a huge wave of celebrities and influencers that decide what will dictate …