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Social Media and PR: The Dynamic Duo

Cory Hawthorne Public Relations (PR), Social Media

Having a solid social media marketing strategy is more critical than ever. With the average user spending a whopping 2.5 hours on social media a day, there is a massive opportunity for companies to amplify their messages and strengthen PR efforts. Traditionally, press releases have been shared through news outlets, emails, and company websites, but now businesses can use social …

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TikTok: The New Hotspot For Influencer Marketing

Haley Cinotto Influencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Of course, the first thing we reach out to when we feel even the slightest bit of boredom is our phones. After months of binge-watching, binge-scrolling, and simultaneously doing both at the same time, it wasn’t uncommon to have had come across a TikTok video on my feed here and there.  Tiktok is the most recent up-and-coming (or should I …

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Voter Efficacy: The Ultimate 2020 Trend

Rachel Malak Influencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Election season is most certainly upon us. Over sixty-six million Americans have already cast their votes for the 2020 Presidential election, and many are quick to argue that this race has redefined American politics. What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is the degree to which this election is redefining culture at large, not least of all popular culture.  Influencer Efficacy in …


How TikTok is Becoming the Next Big PR Tool

Sara Social Media

There’s no doubt that TikTok is rapidly changing how brands and publicists use social media marketing. This platform, which consists of short 15-60 second videos, covers about every topic you can imagine. You want to see people sing? Go to TikTok. You want to learn about the latest fashion trends? Go to TikTok. But what is relatively new is its …

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Best PR Practices for Navigating a Brand Through the Coronavirus

Samantha Beauty, Fashion, News, Public Relations (PR), Social Media

Within just a few months, Coronavirus (more specifically referred to as Covid-19) has dominated the world; infecting people, putting business and our economy on hold, cutting back our face to face interactions & communication, and ultimately testing our strength and perseverance.  With this drastic change in society, both people and businesses have had to find and navigate a new norm, …


Content Calendars: Changing the Social Media Game

Samantha Social Media

Social Media started off as a tool for friends and family to stay in touch with one another.  Now, it has rapidly expanded into a platform for PR, marketing, and advertising, with almost every industry participating.  It has ultimately become the place to be seen and be heard.   With that, there’s become a higher demand for companies, brands, and individuals …

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What It Really Takes To Launch A Successful Business Instagram Account

Camila Influencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Instagram Is Now Essential For The Growth Of Your Business The business and influencer marketing landscape has moved into the realm of social media, thus creating a new way to strategize brand image and digital marketing. Instagram’s role has transformed from a simple platform to share pictures and connect with friends, to an essential business and analytical tool. No matter …

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Social Media Pitching: Should It Be Done?

Samantha AMP3Minutes, Public Relations (PR), Social Media

As we’ve discussed before, pitching is the key to developing relationships with the media, whether your trying to draw first-time attention to a brand or promote a new story from an existing one. Today, pitching typically happens through emails, when public relations practitioners reach out directly to media contacts at magazines, newspapers, broadcast stations, online publications, and more.  Sometimes you’re …