Employee Spotlight: Meet Ashley Lutzker, Executive VP

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Meet Ashley Lutzker, our amazing Executive VP at AMP3, featured in our latest magazine issue. Ashley’s role is key to our agency’s success. She shares insights on her favorite projects and offers invaluable PR tips. Check out our magazine for more!

What has been your favorite part about working for AMP3?

I love the variety of the job, no two days are the same. I also love working with and supporting my younger team members and watching them grow in their PR roles and on their PR journeys.

What is your typical day as the Executive Vice President?

Oh wow, well as I said, no two days are the same so it really does vary. Most days are filled with a variety of calls/meetings and plenty of computer time, whether it be writing pitches or press releases, reviewing & editing for other team members, event planning, brainstorming ideas, or on a day like today, I spent the whole day at a client showroom setting up for SS24 short lead media appointments.

What have been your favorite projects you’ve worked on with AMP3?

My favorite projects that I’ve worked on with AMP3 are always the campaigns that require a full 360 approach and allow me to see them through from beginning to end. There’s something I love about starting out with a basic idea and then looking back months later and seeing how much that Idea grew and evolved into something spectacular. The best projects always have multiple touch points starting with a good story to tell, a strong influencer/vip component, and a flawless event.

What was your favorite event you’ve attended with AMP3?

There have been so many amazing events that I’m super proud of. If I really had to, I think I’d pick two of our most recent events. For AMP3, I’m particularly proud of the scope & scale of the NYFW gifting suite that we produced this past September. For client work I’ll pick the amazing Barbie event we produced for Wrangler out in Los Angeles, also this past September (it was a busy month!).

Next Ashley shared some Pro Tips for every Public Relations Professional.


Observation is key when starting a new role or project. Take the time to observe how things are done, pay attention to details, and learn from those around you. By watching and absorbing information, you can gain valuable insights into processes, workflows, and best practices.


Listening is an essential skill for success in any endeavor. Be attentive during meetings, conversations, and instructions. If you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Active listening helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that you’re on the right track.


Don’t be afraid to seek clarification or guidance when needed. Asking questions demonstrates initiative, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. It’s better to ask for help upfront than to waste time on the wrong tasks. Remember, no question is too small or insignificant. Asking for assistance fosters collaboration, prevents errors, and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

And that’s a wrap on our glimpse into the world of Ashley Lutzker, AMP3’s Executive VP. Ashley’s importance at our agency is clear. From her everyday tasks to her standout projects and advice, Ashley shows what leadership and motivation mean. She is a role model for our entire team!

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