Trend Watch: Check out what’s on our AMP3 trend radar this week

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Keep reading for our AMP3 Trend Watch where we uncover the latest buzz in fashion, beauty, spirits, tech, travel, and beyond. From haute couture to the latest beauty trends, discover what’s making waves and shaping culture today on the media landscape. Fashion Trends at the Oscars: Emma Stone’s Louis Vuitton gown revived peplum, setting a new fashion trend. Structured and …

CAMP3 Revamped: The Return of AMP3’s PR Boot Camp

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CAMP3’s New Look: We originally launched #CAMP3 as an annual complimentary public relations bootcamp designed to mentor college students studying PR, Marketing, and Communications and entering our field. Embracing innovation and a desire to make knowledge accessible to all, we are thrilled to announce the evolution of #CAMP3. This year, we’re taking a leap into the digital realm by launching …

How to Beat The 2022 Instagram Algorithm

How to Beat The 2022 Instagram Algorithm

Cory HawthorneData & Analytics, Social Media

Over the last month, many Instagram users have noticed a shift in Instagram’s algorithm, especially those who are content creators. In light of these platform updates, we’ll be exploring some of the new updates and what they mean for brands.  The 2022 Instagram Algorithm Update Includes: Pinned posts (reel and carousel) All video content will be posted as a reel …

2022 Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing?  Affiliate Marketing is the process by which a publisher or content creator earns a commission for plugging, marketing, and most importantly linking to a brand’s products. Any publisher (also known as an affiliate) can search affiliate databases for products they enjoy, and then by using a dedicated affiliate link, can promote that product and earn a …

The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots In New York City: Holiday 2021

The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots In New York City: Holiday 2021

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It’s easy to argue that holiday time is the best time of the year: especially after the year we’ve all had. Between trying out new baked good recipes to spending quality time with family and friends, holiday time never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. With this being said, there is always one thing many of us look …

Leveraging Organic vs. Paid Social Media for Growth

Leveraging Organic vs. Paid Social Media for Growth

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Growing your social media organically is vital when establishing an online presence. It requires consistent engagement with your target audiences over time. Eventually, with patience and commitment, you’ll begin to see your social channels grow. But sometimes, your brand may need an extra “oomph” to get the ball rolling a bit faster. That “oomph” could be paid social media marketing. …

How to Launch Your International Brand in the U.S.

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Launching a website that is accessible worldwide is a surefire way to successfully begin building your global brand. However, true growth relies on your ability to establish a unique brand identity, reach international markets, and customize your global presence. Proven success with your current audience is beneficial, but is not necessarily a make or break factor when introducing an international …


The Importance of SEO

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Digital, digital, digital. A word we hear every day, everywhere we go. It feels like the majority of organizations, people, and products all have some connection to the internet, whether it be through media outlets, personal social media accounts, or websites for companies of various size. The digital world is so vast, nearly anything is possible. So how should we best utilize our digital opportunities for our most successful results? Like the Internet, that question has a wide range of answers. However, from a public relations perspective, we can help narrow that down for you.