CAMP3 Revamped: The Return of AMP3’s PR Boot Camp

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CAMP3’s New Look:

We originally launched #CAMP3 as an annual complimentary public relations bootcamp designed to mentor college students studying PR, Marketing, and Communications and entering our field. Embracing innovation and a desire to make knowledge accessible to all, we are thrilled to announce the evolution of #CAMP3. This year, we’re taking a leap into the digital realm by launching the CAMP3 biweekly series on Instagram and LinkedIn. Our goal is to provide real-time, free knowledge to a global audience, breaking down barriers and making mentorship accessible to aspiring professionals worldwide.

What to Expect:

The beat of CAMP3 is set to resonate biweekly across our social channels, to feature insights from industry experts specializing in diverse fields such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and tech, as it aligns with a specific topic. Each week, our guest experts will share their invaluable tips and experiences, providing a unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of PR. This move towards real-time engagement aims to keep our audience informed about the latest trends and strategies, empowering them to navigate the world of public relations.

Bella Gerard’s Feature:

Our first feature on CAMP3 sets the stage for a journey into the art of pitching, with the NYC based fashion editor Bella Gerard leading the way. Bella brings a wealth of experience to the table, making her the perfect guide for our first topic, “Pitching Do’s & Don’ts.”

CAMP3 DAY 1: Pitching Do’s & Don’ts with @bellagerard

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Bella, a freelance NYC-based fashion editor, content creator, and style icon, and we’re going to be sharing the insider scoop of the do’s & don’ts of pitching from a writer’s perspective:

:white_check_mark: DO: Have an interesting subject line that’s enticing. Get rid of the “quick question” – this is going right in the trash without being opened.

:white_check_mark: DO: Keep your pitch short and sweet. Include photos and hyperlinks to all other assets to get everything in one succinct email that’s clear, to the point, and doesn’t waste an editor’s time.

:x: DON’T: Ask to be included in a story that’s already live. Asking a writer to revise their work to include your client is rude. Instead, mention the story & propose a client in that niche that you’d love to have on the writer’s radar for next time.

:x: DON’T: Be fake! Sliding into DMs to ask about an unopened email, addressing an email with “Hi Babe! Xxx,” and clearly forcing a reference to an Instagram post has got to go. Be genuine, be kind, be professional, and respect each other’s time!

Check out Bella’s section in Issue #1 of our AMPlified Magazine.

And there you have it, the kickoff to CAMP3’s new digital chapter! We’re thrilled to provide fresh PR insights biweekly on Instagram. From catchy subject lines to keeping it real in your emails, Bella spilled the tea on how to stand out in the PR game this week. Just like Bella’s session on “Pitching Do’s & Don’ts,” there’s more expert advice coming your way, so make sure to follow along on our Instagram and LinkedIn for tips from experts in the PR industry. Get ready for the revamped CAMP3! 

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