Content Calendars: Changing the Social Media Game

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Social Media started off as a tool for friends and family to stay in touch with one another.  Now, it has rapidly expanded into a platform for PR, marketing, and advertising, with almost every industry participating.  It has ultimately become the place to be seen and be heard.   With that, there’s become a higher demand for companies, brands, and individuals …

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What It Really Takes To Launch A Successful Business Instagram Account

Camila Influencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Instagram Is Now Essential For The Growth Of Your Business The business and influencer marketing landscape has moved into the realm of social media, thus creating a new way to strategize brand image and digital marketing. Instagram’s role has transformed from a simple platform to share pictures and connect with friends, to an essential business and analytical tool. No matter …

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Social Media Pitching: Should It Be Done?

Samantha AMP3Minutes, Public Relations (PR), Social Media

As we’ve discussed before, pitching is the key to developing relationships with the media, whether your trying to draw first-time attention to a brand or promote a new story from an existing one. Today, pitching typically happens through emails, when public relations practitioners reach out directly to media contacts at magazines, newspapers, broadcast stations, online publications, and more.  Sometimes you’re …