Five PR Takeaways from an AMP3 PR Intern

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My name is Sadie Smith and I have been with AMP3 PR, as an intern, since August 2023. Throughout my internship I have learned an abundance of invaluable knowledge. I have had the opportunity to work with our clients directly, participate in launch events, write pitches, and so much more. Genuinely, I have learned so much from being pulled into all of the exciting projects AMP3 has worked on, as well as from the amazing AMP3 team – and I am excited to share!

Diverse Clients, Diverse Strategies:

The NYC media landscape is a melting pot of styles, cultures, and personalities. Working with different clients has taught me the importance of tailoring public relations strategies to meet the unique needs of each brand. Flexibility in approach is key when dealing with different fashion, beauty, luxury, tech, wine and spirits, and lifestyle clients who all have different objectives in mind. 

I could be writing a skincare related pitch one hour and creating a media list for one of our footwear clients the next. Being able to adapt your skills, based on the specific client, quickly and effectively is crucial.

Pitching is an Art, not a Science:

Crafting the perfect pitch is an art form. It requires an understanding of the brand, an awareness of media preferences, and of course some creativity. NYC, being the media hub it is, demands pitches that stand out in a crowded inbox. It’s about finding the right angle, the perfect hook, and capturing attention within seconds. Additionally it is also about tailoring the pitching list to reflect the client‘s needs, image, and messaging. It is essential to pitch to editors that will receive the messaging best.

Having the chance to pitch for a varied clientele list has provided me with the skills to learn how to adapt my writing styles to fit different products and angles. 

Adaptability and Awareness is a Must:

NYC’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle scene is ever-evolving. Trends change, events arise, and media landscapes shift. Adaptability is not just a skill but a necessity. Being able to pivot quickly, adjust plans, and stay ahead of industry changes is key. Trends aren’t just about what’s popular now; it’s about using the currents of cultural shifts to make sure our campaigns not only catch the current wave but also set the tone for future conversations.

Staying aware of trends has always been something I personally choose to keep up with. In this fast-paced field, staying updated isn’t just good practice; it’s a game-changer. Understanding what’s trending will help us, on a PR level, to connect our clients to the appropriate audience with the best received messaging. Whether it’s incorporating a hot trend into a pitch or building an event concept around it, this approach grabs attention and makes the campaigns more relatable. 

The Realities of Work-Life Balance:

The intensity of the PR scene often translates to a demanding work schedule. Balancing the work with personal well-being, and with staying on top of four classes, is a challenge that requires conscious effort. Learning to manage workload, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care is a crucial aspect of a career in public relations.

As a college student, and intern, it has become increasingly important for me to utilize my time management skills. Working on my senior project, completing the work necessary for my four classes, and any AMP3 related work could definitely become a balancing act but I have gotten the hang of it. I have always kept a planner throughout college and I would recommend having one to any aspiring PR professionals!

Crafting Experiences, Not Just Campaigns:

My internship, at AMP3, has taught me to think beyond traditional campaigns and focus on creative unique ideas that will make the client/campaign stand out. Through every idea that we work through as a team with the client, it is essential to build an engaging experience.

Thinking out of the box isn’t just a creative strategy; it’s the key to unlocking innovative and impactful ideas that will set the client apart.

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