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About Riley 

Hi my name is Riley Block and I am a senior soon-to-be graduate at the University of Miami majoring in public relations and minoring in advertising. I have a passion for the fashion and beauty industry and love staying on top of emerging trends.

I began working at AMP3 PR for my summer 2023 internship. During the summer, I had the experience of working events with clients such as TruSkin, and Park West Gallery where I got to meet BooBoo Stewart! In September 2023, I assisted the team with AMP3’s NYFW gifting suite which I helped plan over the summer. The gifting suite was an amazing event with over 150+ attendees.

I then returned to AMP3 PR in January 2024 for the Spring semester as an apprentice, where I was given more responsibility, allowing me to grow.

If I could go back to my freshman self, here are the tips I would give myself:

Graphic Design is an essential skill to learn in public relations.

At the University of Miami, public relations students are required to take two graphic design classes. These classes include projects on making magazines, creating brand materials—a logo, business cards, and letterheads—and constructing a graphic resume. I also gained experience learning how to use Canva to create presentations and social media graphics.

You will be constantly explaining what public relations is to others.

The first thing you are going to learn in any public relations class is the functions of it and the differences between public relations, marketing, and advertising—and yes it is a question on every 100 level class test.

Writing is an essential part of public relations.

Even though we might all despise AP style, it will be tested and quizzed on as a public relations major, you will just have to learn it. However, learning how to write in a condensed manner will be helpful.

Do an internship as early as possible.

Public relations is a constantly evolving field. The best way to deep dive into the field is learning through people who work in public relations everyday. Getting an internship is not only great for your resume but will help you succeed in higher level classes.

Take classes with adjunct professors, even if they are a three hour night class.

Adjunct professors are accomplished individuals that specialize in the class they are teaching. They can give you insights into what is happening today, and can help you create connections for jobs and internships

If you are looking to excel yourself, or are looking to help interns succeed, here are my top 5 tips:

Ask as many questions as possible.

No question is a dumb question. The best way to learn is from asking questions and it usually will make sure the work you are doing is correct the first time you do it.

Do not be afraid to speak up, especially in brainstorms.

Sometimes the younger or outside perspective is exactly what is missing from a brainstorm. If you have an idea, speak up! The same goes for if you have a resource or process that could be helpful to the overall organization.

Ask for feedback.

No one is perfect. The best way to learn is asking for feedback. Always ask for your work to be looked over and ask for examples on what your manager is looking for when you are assigned the task. Even if you finish a task and feel like you did  a great job, ask for feedback, it’s the best way to learn and grow.

Work life balance is real, and the key to your success.

Especially if you are interning (or have an intern) during the school year do not forget about managing your school work along with work from an internship. Do not be afraid to speak up if you have a major test or assignment because both are important. Learning time management while interning during the semester is key! I find writing all my tasks in a notebook or on an excel document helps, especially knowing what is happening a week before it is due. My Sunday reset always includes mapping out my week.

Learn as much as you can!

Internships are supposed to be about learning. Ask to be on client calls, learn what your supervisor is doing daily, or ask to help out with social media / a sector you might have less experience with.

As a graduating senior, my final semester has been a balance between finishing up my degree, enjoying my last few months as a college student, and learning as much as I can at AMP3. The opportunity AMP3 has given me to learn and grow has been an invaluable experience that leaves me confident to graduate this spring—I am truly grateful to be surrounded by an amazing team of insightful women at AMP3 PR.

Riley Block

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