Work From Home during Coronavirus

Best PR Practices for Navigating a Brand Through the Coronavirus

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Within just a few months, Coronavirus (more specifically referred to as Covid-19) has dominated the world; infecting people, putting business and our economy on hold, cutting back our face to face interactions & communication, and ultimately testing our strength and perseverance.  With this drastic change in society, both people and businesses have had to find and navigate a new norm, …

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What Do PR Firms Do?

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Anyone who has worked in a Public Relations agency can attest to being asked, quite often, what PR entails. Those who are interested in getting into the industry or working with industry professionals often have an undefined knowledge as to what the field is about.   Still, everyone knows the importance of PR, especially given the fact that PR has …

Helping Blazetrak get to the SXSW Conference.

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SoundCTRL is looking for the 5 best tech startups of the year that are helping to reshape the Music Industry. Blazetrak is reshaping the industry: it changes who the creatives are & how talent can be found. Its the world’s 1st online system that allows aspiring talent to get directly in touch with established celebrity talent – specifically in the …

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Understanding What Public Relations Actually Is

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I realized on a recent trip to Florida that most people don’t really understand the function of Public Relations.  This came about as I had to explain my job as a publicist to some elderly companions celebrating my great-uncle’s 85th birthday. The quick answer I generally give is, “I help people with something to promote promote it.” That’s actually a …

Oversaturation of the Twitter Market?

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There is no doubt that Twitter is quickly becoming the premiere Social Media tool (of both casual users and and the media elite).  It’s incredibly useful with respect to media and public relations, as you can keep track of who is where and working on what.  It’s the nature of Web 2.0. But like most fads (slap bracelets, leisure suits, …

Twitter: the Technology Behind Narcissism ?

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So many people talking about… what? Credit: Luc Legay / FlickrNot too long ago, a piece was published that hypothesized that the number of friends a person had on Facebook was directly related to how narcissistic that person was.  Upon reading the article, I could definitely see the correlation there, but there’s another side of the coin (for people like …

I May Be a Little Late to the Party, but What is the Deal with FML?

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Microblogging is all the rage.  People are so interested in everyone else’s business, but rather than taking the time out to express genuine concern, or allot the amount of time necessary to form valid, cogent opinions, we want to be flippant, hear a sound bite, and pass judgment. I’ve recently been introduced to the treasure trove that is, where …

Are Commercials Actually More Than Obtrusive Interruptions From Television Watching?

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There are a number of people that confuse Public Relations with Advertising.  Often times, people think that we pay to have articles written about our clients (and I’m sure that that’s happened before, but for above-board firms like AMP3, every placement is earned). When I try to explain to people the key differences between Advertising and PR, it comes down …