AMP3 PR Signs New Client- 6th Street

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AMP3 Public Relations has signed 6th Street to their ever expanding music roster. 6th Street, an L.A. based duo, is made up of band members Grant Cook and Mike Miller. Just back from two stellar performances at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, 6th Street is a band to watch. After delighting fans in Austin with material from their …

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Understanding What Public Relations Actually Is

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I realized on a recent trip to Florida that most people don’t really understand the function of Public Relations.  This came about as I had to explain my job as a publicist to some elderly companions celebrating my great-uncle’s 85th birthday. The quick answer I generally give is, “I help people with something to promote promote it.” That’s actually a …

Is it Possible that We’ve Exhausted the Blogosphere?

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Despite the fact that we have an ever-growing number of blogs inundating the internet every day, are these blogs losing their potency? It would make sense that in a Web 2.0 world where everyone has the capacity to post their thoughts online (and/or claim expert status), no niche is left unfilled and we’re bordering on redundancy.  Much like public relations, …