Is it Possible that We’ve Exhausted the Blogosphere?

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Despite the fact that we have an ever-growing number of blogs inundating the internet every day, are these blogs losing their potency?

It would make sense that in a Web 2.0 world where everyone has the capacity to post their thoughts online (and/or claim expert status), no niche is left unfilled and we’re bordering on redundancy.  Much like public relations, where you can have tech PR, lifestyle PR, fashion PR, music PR, etc., sometimes the lines get blurred between who your best resource to turn to is when you’re presented with so many options.

There’s more at stake than redundancy, though, with the overabundance of new blogs infiltrating the Internet each day; “potentially valuable linkbacks are increasingly shared in micro-communities and social networks and its affecting detouring attention and time away from formal blog responses,” states Brian Solis.

Then there’re real time applications like Twitter that further separate bloggers from the herd, shepherding them towards microblogging.

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