Work From Home during Coronavirus

Best PR Practices for Navigating a Brand Through the Coronavirus

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Within just a few months, Coronavirus (more specifically referred to as Covid-19) has dominated the world; infecting people, putting business and our economy on hold, cutting back our face to face interactions & communication, and ultimately testing our strength and perseverance.  With this drastic change in society, both people and businesses have had to find and navigate a new norm, …

What is the Reasoning Behind a Re-Brand When Your Original Brand Was Clearly Better?

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I’m no marketing wiz.  I’m just someone who’s observant and can (tries to, at least) make logical deductions.  That said, I read an interesting article at Consumerist today about the backlash Tropicana is feeling from “Loyal Customers” after changing the widely-recognizable Orange and Straw. The new packaging, which is softer in color and features a glass of orange juice (SANS …

Snuggies, and How They Inadvertently Proved Anything is Possible

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Whether you recognize them by name or by sight, Snuggies are a commercial albatross around our necks (or TVs, rather).  As Time points out, you’ve almost certainly seen the commercials for them, and there are those of you that are actually buying them. An entire retail enterprise is being made out of the concept that blankets aren’t convenient enough for …