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Welcome to our AMP3 Trend Watch, where we bring you the freshest updates in fashion, beauty, spirits, music, and beyond. From high-end fashion to cutting-edge beauty trends, dive into the current happenings shaping today’s culture and beyond.

As a boutique NYC-based public relations agency we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and media news. We hope to provide an accessible resource, through our Trend Watch blogs, for others to do the same!


Western Fashion:

Beyoncé’s album and a trending song on TikTok spark a surge in Western fashion trends, especially in Austin.

SS24 Key Trends:

Vogue identifies 10 key trends for Spring/Summer 2024, including short shorts, white noise, high-rise trousers, florals, polo club, transparent skirts, metallics, camp/crafty, and references to the 90s.

Diane Von Furstenberg Collaboration:

Renowned designer Diane Von Furstenberg launches a massive collaboration with Target, offering over 200 pieces including wrap dresses, homeware, and furniture.

Check out HUE‘s swimwear collection, just in time for arising summer trends.


Vitamin C Day is near, and brands like Sol De Janeiro are preparing for warmer weather with activations offering product samples.

Gear up for Vitamin C Day with TruSkin’s Vitamin C Facial Serum – the perfect addition to any skincare routine.


White Claw ventures into tequila-based drinks, AI crafts wines, and collaborations like Budweiser with Sir Peter Blake have created buzz this past week.


With the solar eclipse approaching, travel interests have been skyrocketing. Sleep tourism is also trending, catering to those seeking relaxation.


Social media trends like the Color Analysis filter on TikTok and memes about celebrity interviews are gaining popularity. Beyoncé’s new album, Cowboy Carter, is being adored by fans.

TikTok Trends: 

Users are having fun with filters and creating content, from analyzing colors to pitching ideas to fictional ‘sharks’ using the Shark Tank soundtrack. The recent earthquake has also sparked hundreds of TikTok videos and comments. Companies have also been using April Fool’s Day and the solar eclipse to engage with audiences creatively. Among the countless April Fool’s pranks a few to name are that the popular soda brand Olipop released a Sour Cream and Onion flavored drink, and Duolingo teased “Duolingo On Ice”.

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