Handbag accessories

Handbag Necessities

Caroline KnightlyBeauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Everyone loves a good handbag, it’s the accent piece to your outfit. However, they’re also crucial when it comes to a long day out or a night on the town. It checks all the boxes when it comes to your style, but we know that it’s also your survival kit. Although it may look like the cutest little accessory, it’s …

Christmas Lifestyle Red Bulb

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fashion and Beauty Lovers Everywhere

SaraBeauty, Fashion

Now more than ever there feels like there is this added pressure to buy the people you care about most the “perfect” holiday gift. Heck, after what the year 2020 has been, everyone needs it. But how are you supposed to do that when it feels like everyone has been online shopping since last March? Haven’t they already bought all …

Woman prioritizes skincare, enjoying a spa facial

Quarantine Brings Heightened Self Awareness & Trendy Skincare

Rachel MalakBeauty, Health and Wellness

The last six months with COVID-19 have forced us into a strange new normal. With limited physical interactions, the perceptions of our individual appearances are becoming increasingly apparent. This level of self awareness has changed how we view ourselves, how we take care of ourselves, and even types of beauty products that we buy.  While it’s true that our personal …

Work From Home during Coronavirus

Best PR Practices for Navigating a Brand Through the Coronavirus

SamanthaBeauty, Fashion, News, Public Relations (PR), Social Media

Within just a few months, Coronavirus (more specifically referred to as Covid-19) has dominated the world; infecting people, putting business and our economy on hold, cutting back our face to face interactions & communication, and ultimately testing our strength and perseverance.  With this drastic change in society, both people and businesses have had to find and navigate a new norm, …

Fall Derma E Events

AMP3 Fashion PR AgencyBeauty, Event, Health and Wellness, makeup

Dr. Gervaise Gerstner Event Management for Beauty Client Fall was a busy time for AMP3’s clean beauty client, Derma E, a leading natural beauty skincare brand which prides itself on providing products that offer cleaner and more effective skin solutions. First AMP3 brought Derma E to a Good Housekeeping showcase which featured the brand’s latest product launches. Then AMP3 produced …

Natural beauty products

What is All the Hype? – Clean Beauty Edition

KelseyBeauty, Health and Wellness

Clean beauty is all the craze today and it has people seriously changing the way they view and purchase beauty product, but why is everyone obsessed with clean beauty? For years people have been obsessed with buying environmentally friendly products like eating “clean” food, shopping sustainable and ethical fashion & beauty, or simply by using “clean” household products and cleaners. Consumers …

Summer Beauty trends 2019

Summer 2019 Beauty Trends


The Top Ten Hair and Makeup Trends For This Summer Makeup and beauty trends are always coming and going, so it is important to stay updated on to which trends you need to ditch, and which ones you need to hop on board with. In the age of beauty gurus, bloggers, and influencers, we are seeing a rapid adoption of …

Influencer marketing

Top 10 Beauty Influencers 2019

SamanthaBeauty, Influencer & Celebrity

With fashion, it’s always about what’s trending.  New shoe styles, funky sunglasses, eclectic purses, you name it.  That’s one aspect that makes the fashion industry so exciting. What’s in one year, might be out the next and vice versa.  However, in opposition to fashion, the beauty industry is all about consistency.  Face masks, face creams, hand lotions, and foot soaks …

glitter make up trend 2019

Our Hair and Beauty Trend Predictions for 2019!

MariaBeauty, Fashion, makeup

What’s in store for 2019, you cry? Only one way to find out… We’ve already rounded up our fashion trend predictions for 2019 (and what a roundup it was!) which means it’s time to look into our hair and beauty crystal ball too of course. You didn’t think we were going to leave those out, did you? Hair and beauty …