Trend Watch: Check out what’s on our AMP3 trend radar this week

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Welcome to our roundup of the ever-changing landscape of trends. From fashion to beauty, spirits to music, and everything in between, here’s a glimpse into what’s making waves recently. 


Steve Madden’s ‘Mob Wife’ Aesthetic:

Steve Madden embraces the ‘Mob Wife’ aesthetic in its latest campaign featuring former Mob Wives cast member Drita D’Avanzo. The campaign is an exploration of fashion merging with the allure of organized crime, creating a unique and attention-grabbing style statement. This trend is supposedly replacing the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ that we all have grown to know. It is taking over Tik Tok and flooding the fashion scene. 

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Copenhagen Fashion Week Highlights:

Copenhagen Fashion Week sets the tone for Fall 2024 with five key trends: Fun Jeans, Pinstripes, Ties, Gloves, and Long Shorts. Keep an eye out for these styles as they dominate the fashion scene in the upcoming season.

Spotlight on Sofia Richie’s Maternity Style

Of course Sofia Richie’s maternity styles have caught everyone’s attention recently. The fashion icon has everyone fawning over her pregnancy looks. 


Sabrina Carpenter’s Bratz Doll Makeup Trend:

Sabrina Carpenter’s makeup look has triggered a Bratz Doll makeup trend, bringing back the Y2K aesthetic. This nostalgic beauty trend is taking social media by storm.

Vogue’s Beauty Trend Tracking:

Vogue takes the lead in beauty trend-spotting by tracking searches. Stay ahead of the game by exploring the latest beauty looks/products highlighted by the search patterns of trendsetters.


Truly’s Hot Wing Hot Sauce Seltzer:

Truly raises the bar with a Hot Wing Hot Sauce flavored seltzer. This unique and bold creation is sure to spice up the beverage scene. If Hot Wing Sauce and seltzers are your thing, then you should certainly give this new beverage a try.

Love is Wine Chardonnay:

In anticipation of Netflix’s Love is Blind new series, Cupcake Vineyards collaborates, launching Love is Wine Chardonnay with AR labels. Purchase a bottle and get a chance to be transported to the set and win a trip to Mexico.


Away’s Limited Edition Color:

Away unveils a new limited edition color, “Island Pink,” on February 6th. Dip into the world of luxury travel with this exciting and exclusive release.


UMG Pulls Music from TikTok:

Universal Music Group makes headlines by pulling its licensed songs from Tik Tok, affecting creators using music from Taylor Swift, Drake, Bad Bunny, and more. How will this impact the TikTok content landscape in the future?

Taylor Swift’s New Album:

It wouldn’t be a complete trend report if we did not include Taylor’s secret announcement at the Grammys. Taylor Swift announces her new album, ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department,’ set to release on April 19, 2024. Swifties, get ready for another musical masterpiece.

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Grammy Highlights:

The 2024 Grammy Awards was full of women dominating the stage. Miley Cyrus wins her first-ever Grammy, Victoria Monet takes home Best New Artist, and Taylor Swift makes history with her fourth win of the Grammys’ top prize.

Tik Tok Trends

Silent Reviews

Creators are taking an interesting approach on TikTok, by reviewing products silently through facial expressions and gestures. This trend speaks volumes without saying a word.

Pookie’s Outfit Reviews:

TikTok creators Campbell “Pookie” and Jett capture hearts with their outfit reviews, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Get ready for a dose of fashion and love.

Burn Away Cakes:

Burn away cakes have become the latest viral food trend on TikTok. Explore the creativity and flavors behind this unique culinary trend.

Cat Janice’s Viral Song:

Cat Janice, facing terminal cancer, releases ‘Dance You Outta My Head,’ dedicating the song’s earnings to her son. The TikTok community rallies to support her and spread her music. Users have been reposting, liking, commenting and creating their own videos with the song to boost earnings.

As a NYC based boutique public relations firm, specializing in consumer fashion, lifestyle, beauty, tech, luxury and wine/spirits PR we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest hits. Whether you’re a fashionista, a beauty enthusiast, a music lover, or someone who just loves to stay in the know, we’ve got you covered. Until next time, stay trendy and stay AMPlified!

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