TruSkin x Kylie Cantrall Los Angeles Dinner Event

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The Event

To celebrate the TruSkin x Kylie Cantrall Bundle launch, AMP3 organized a dinner in Los Angeles on November 1, 2023. Kylie invited her friends and co-stars, while AMP3 invited other influencers in the beauty space as well as relevant writers & editors.

The TruSkin team and Kylie have collaborated with one another on new product launches, social media initiatives, and overall brand vision, and the partnership has culminated into a special, limited-time holiday gift set curated by Kylie herself.

Kylie Cantrall LA Event

A longtime fan of the brand, Kylie has already been organically talking about TruSkin® products on several social media platforms, where she has a combined 6.8 million followers. Kylie is a beauty girl who loves to play with fun looks, but understands the importance of healthy skincare. Kylie’s use of TruSkin® products models the benefits of taking care of your skin and using clean ingredients starting as a young adult, and perfectly encapsulates the brand’s “skin friendly, skin nutrition” motto.

“As someone who has had a skin care regimen since I was 9 years old, I’ve always placed such an importance on using safe and clean products,” Kylie said. “That’s exactly why I’m partnering with TruSkin®! Their plant powered formulas and nourishing ingredients give my skin the nutrition it needs to glow and shine.”

Kylie Cantrall currently stars as Dani in Disney Channel’s hit series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Prior to this role, Kylie played the lead character in Disney’s popular series “Gabby Duran and the Unsittables.”

Leading up to the event, AMP3 managed the invites and secured our vendors: the venue itself (which included food and beverage); the florist; the ear seeders; the aura photographer; and the professional photographer. In addition, we facilitated all of Kylie’s support. We also handled the onsite logistics, setup & displays, and gift bags. Kylie was able to invite some of her costars, fellow dancers & macro-influencers, and helped approve of the aesthetic and details of the event.

The Results

The event resulted in a standard turnout, with 32 of our 42 RSVPS attending. At least 19 guests posted from the dinner, resulting in over 50 Instagram stories and 2 dedicated in-feed posts. This equalled a total potential reach of 17,561,100.

Guests really loved the holographic decor, including the floral arrangements, the neon signs, and the restaurant’s greenhouse vibe. Our photographer was key to capturing the event, especially as it got dark outside. 

Because people from all of Kylie’s teams attended, as well as her parents, we felt the dinner was a great way to deepen our connections with Team Kylie. They were all super impressed with the thoughtfulness & attention to detail the AMP3 team put into the dinner.

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