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New Product Alert! FOREO Just Dropped the BEAR and BEAR Mini and It’s All the Rage

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What do skincare and a Swedish tech brand have in common? Well, to the naked eye, probably not much! But there is one company revolutionizing the beauty tech field: FOREO. And they just dropped one of the coolest products. EVER.

Who is FOREO?

FOREO, is a Swedish, award winning tech brand that was founded in 2013, and is also an AMP3 client. They started out small, only as a team of two, but in just 6 short years transitioned into a global company with around 3,000 employees worldwide. To this day, they have shipped more than 20,000,000 products around the world and have revolutionized the beauty tech industry. Perhaps their most popular skincare device, the Luna, took the industry by storm when it debuted, single handedly changing the way people look at skincare. FOREO sells everything from facial cleansers to blue light acne treatments, and just launched one of the neatest beauty products, utilizing micro current technology: the BEAR and BEAR Mini.

What are the BEAR and BEAR Mini?

The BEAR and BEAR Mini are the first two products of FOREO’s micro current line. Both of these devices launched on September 21st and are available on both and FOREO’s direct website. In the beauty tech industry as a whole, the idea of micro current technology is really taking off, so what makes the BEAR and BEAR Mini unique? This product is 2x more powerful than any other micro current device on the market: and it shows. Because of this, it is is able to deliver that power to your skin 6x faster which means you get results in rapid time. Along with this, both products utilize a one-of-a-kind Anti-Shock System™. This systems uses ultra-smart sensors in order to precisely measure your skin’s resistance to electricity at a lightning fast speed of 100x a second. Once it does that, it automatically changes the micro current to fit your skin, and in the blink of an eye (well, two microseconds to be exact!) the product is perfectly catered to your skin.

FOREO beauty product. The BEAR.

The BEAR and BEAR Mini combines both micro current technology and T-Sonic™ pulsations in order to make sure your skin is getting nothing but the best treatment. This dynamite combination works hard to ensure that every time you use this tool, you are one step closer to a youthful, glowing complexion. These tools essentially “workout” your skin, and can be used on your face as well as your neck! After all, there are a ton of muscles up there: we can’t neglect them! So, in a way, this product has all the amazing benefits of a workout while feeling like you are getting pampered at the spa! The best of both worlds? Yes please!

These products are priced competitively: the BEAR at $299 USD and the BEAR Mini at $259 USD.

The BEAR Mini.

What is microcurrent technology?

Microcurrent products: we’ve all heard about them, but what’s the hype and are they worth it? Microcurrent technology is relatively new on the beauty scene, but has quickly gained popularity. Devices that utilize this revolutionary technology do so by sending waves of electricity to the skin, which subtly lifts and firms your face in order to make your complexion appear more youthful. Dr. Zain Husain a board certified dermatologist, explained that microcurrent technology is a form of noninvasive therapy. It mimics the electrical currents that are already pulsing through your body, ensuring that when you first begin to use the tool, your system isn’t schocked. Along with this, he mentions that microcurrent works by stimulating the energy production of things such as collagen and elastin. When these two fibers, that are found naturally in your body, are essentially “worked out”, production will increase which results in your skin feeling, and looking, firmer than ever!

Microcurrent technology used to be something that people would pay upwards of a thousand dollars for when they went to their dermatologists. But now, thanks to the launch of FOREO’s BEAR and BEAR Mini, you have the ability to bring this technology home!

FOREO has always been a company that isn’t afraid to push barriers and break down walls when it comes to revolutionizing the beauty tech industry. From their original launch of the Luna, to their amazing blue light acne treatments, FOREO never fails to disappoint. So, when the thought came to them about launching a micro current range, I don’t think saying “no” was a possibility. Because of their hard work and dedication, they successfully launched the BEAR and BEAR Mini, two products that are rapidly taking the beauty tech industry by storm.

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