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Voter Efficacy: The Ultimate 2020 Trend

Rachel MalakInfluencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Election season is most certainly upon us. Over sixty-six million Americans have already cast their votes for the 2020 Presidential election, and many are quick to argue that this race has redefined American politics. What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is the degree to which this election is redefining culture at large, not least of all popular culture.  Influencer Efficacy in …

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LuminoCity Festival Recap

SamanthaEvent, Influencer & Celebrity

This winter, a festival of lights came to New York City joining the ranks of Rockefeller Center and The Rockettes as one of New York’s must see and do holiday experiences.  LuminoCity took place on Randall’s Island, spanning over 16 acres of spectacular, larger than life art & light installations for teens, adults, and families to enjoy. Guests were able …

An Influencer’s Influence

KelseyConsumer, Influencer & Celebrity

What Kind of Influence do Influencers Actually Have? Today, you hear the term influencer and instantly think of the career, but a decade ago this was not the case. The influencer career choice has become so popular and lucrative in such a short period of time that it has shocked society. Nowadays, when you ask children ‘what they want to …

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Inside the Life of the top NYC Influencers

SamanthaInfluencer & Celebrity, Public Relations (PR)

First Steps, Advice, and the Term Itself: An Inside Look at the “Influencer” We are in a day in age where social media has a stronger presence than traditional media.  With the help of this new phenomenon, beauty and fashion brands are gaining constant attention on a worldwide level.  This is in part due to people who are posing for …

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Top 10 Beauty Influencers 2019

SamanthaBeauty, Influencer & Celebrity

With fashion, it’s always about what’s trending.  New shoe styles, funky sunglasses, eclectic purses, you name it.  That’s one aspect that makes the fashion industry so exciting. What’s in one year, might be out the next and vice versa.  However, in opposition to fashion, the beauty industry is all about consistency.  Face masks, face creams, hand lotions, and foot soaks …

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How To Create A Successful Influencer Event in NYC

CamilaEvent, Influencer & Celebrity

Influencer Events Are A Must Influencer events have become increasingly popular when it comes to marketing and communication in recent years. It seems that everyone has a profile on at least one social media platform, and a few have been able to generate a large following and strong engagement. This is extremely valuable to brands and companies because people can …

Sasha Hart Influencer

Top Fashion Influencers in 2019

SamanthaFashion, Influencer & Celebrity

Perhaps it’s the changing of the seasons, perhaps it’s an attempt to get out of that winter funk.  Whatever it may be, this time of year always brings throngs of people to retail stores with a newfound drive to get the best spring/summer wardrobe.   While some people venture on this journey with a specific mission in mind, some people …

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What It Really Takes To Launch A Successful Business Instagram Account

CamilaInfluencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Instagram Is Now Essential For The Growth Of Your Business The business and influencer marketing landscape has moved into the realm of social media, thus creating a new way to strategize brand image and digital marketing. Instagram’s role has transformed from a simple platform to share pictures and connect with friends, to an essential business and analytical tool. No matter …

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There’s a Subscription for That!

CamilaConsumer, Influencer & Celebrity

Innovative Companies Are Offering Consumers A New Way To Shop It is 2019 and people are overwhelmingly busy. When the weekend finally comes around, the idea of spending it at a busy shopping mall or grocery store just feels so wrong… especially when that new Netflix series is calling your name and your couch is giving you heart eyes. Well, …

RECAP: Derma E Toronto Influencer Event

ClaudiaAMP3Minutes, Beauty, Event, Influencer & Celebrity

At the end of September AMP3 Public Relations celebrated Derma E at an influencer event held in the High Park neighborhood of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The event took place at a beautiful private home on September 28thfrom 1pm-6pm. Influencers and bloggers in the vegan, all natural, beauty, skin care, and wellness spaces, from the Toronto & greater Ontario area, …