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How To Create A Successful Influencer Event in NYC

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tencel earth day media event

Influencer Events Are A Must

Influencer events have become increasingly popular when it comes to marketing and communication in recent years. It seems that everyone has a profile on at least one social media platform, and a few have been able to generate a large following and strong engagement. This is extremely valuable to brands and companies because people can create a link between a brand and their target consumer. In light of this new marketing trend, companies are throwing exciting events for social media influencers to learn about specific products or efforts, and creating “Instagrammable” experiences that these influencers can blast out to their large following. These events are difficult to create by yourself, and impressing a NYC crowd has never been a simple task, so it is important to consider some key points outlined on how to create a successful influencer event. 

Create An Event Worth Going To

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Content creation is a full time job nowadays, and influencers keep their schedules full. NYC is a hectic city, and it seems that people already have to spread themselves thin just to scratch the surface of all of the events this city has to offer. This means that if you want influencers to attend your event, you have to make it really worth their while. The devil is in the details, and this is where your New York city event planning skills really have to kick into gear. 

A great way to start the planning process is to have productive brainstorming sessions. Try to formulate ideas for decor, entertainment, interactive experiences, food, and creating great photo ops. It is always good to begin working on a mood board which you can populate with ideas from pinterest as well as any ideas you can think up yourself. It is also great to consider the overall flow of the influencer event. People don’t have time to waste, so they need to be kept busy at the event so that they are willing to stay and engage. It is great to consider breaking up your event into all sorts of instagram experiences for your attendees. You also need to have top instagram influencers to that are willing to share valuable information with your attendees. 

Another important thing to consider to focus on making the event as postable as possible. Create hashtags for the event, and create walls and rooms that influencers will be excited to get a photo in and share with all of their followers. If possible, make sure to provide your guests with informational packets or goodie bags, just something more personal for them to take home and remember your event. If you manage to plan out an event that is fun, interesting, and beneficial for your attendees, you will drive up attendance and create a lot more buzz. 

Invite Influencers That Would Benefit From Your Event

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A great approach to have when you are planning an influencer event is to treat it like a networking event. The  experiential event should be mutually beneficial to both the brand or company you are working with, as well as the social media influencers that you have on your invite list. If you are creating an event that revolves around sports, maybe you shouldn’t invite a bunch of high fashion influencer. It is important to understand the content and type of followers that an influencer has before considering extending an invitation. Influencers work hard and already have enough on their plate, so they are most likely going to attend the events that are relevant to the content that they post on their blogs and that their followers rely on. This is also a great advantage in the larger scheme of things because if you invite relevant influencers to you event, you will actually be able to reach your most intended audience. Another added bonus to this approach is that the influencers will be really grateful that you have invited them to an event where they could create content, meet important contacts, and talk to other influencers that have a similar following. If this aspect of your event is well thought out, then everybody wins. 

Have A Good Spread

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Any good business conference will offer attendees a little something to hold them over, whether that is a coffee and bagel bar, or a nice cocktail bar with nice canapés. Influencer events should be approached with the same mindset. Having a well thought out spread at an influencer event, or any event for that matter, will help to ensure that your attendees have a good and memorable time. It also gives them an opportunity to take their time and network with other important influencers and media attendees over some drinks and snacks. It is even better when it is clear to your attendees that you have put a lot of thought into the offerings at the event. This can be done simply by really knowing your audience well, for instance, if you are planning an event for Influencers that have a healthy lifestyle, offer healthy food options as well as some vegetarian or vegan options. Influencers tend to really appreciate the thought behind these gestures, and will be more willing to post about your event, and attend the next one. 

Scheduling Is Everything

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It’s just common knowledge that everyone in NYC is busy at all times. This fast paced lifestyle means that people really don’t have time to waste. It is important to recognize this in the planning process when you are putting together a NYC event. Unlike events in LA, which tend to be more relaxed and laid back, NYC events need to be scheduled a bit differently. 

Make sure to pick a time and date that makes sense for the event and that will assure that your attendees can make it. Be aware of other events that are occurring in the city on that day and make sure that none of them clash with your event. It is also important to consider the fact that due to people’s busy schedules, they will not always be there for the entire event. Some people might come late, some early but then leave late… it is always a mix. What this means for you as a planner, is that you need to make sure your attendees have a solid break down of the schedule. If there are speakers, let them know when, and if there is entertainment, allow them to know in advance so that they can come within a certain window. It is also important to have a check in desk open at all times because not everyone will arrive on time. Having a well calculated schedule can really determine the overall success of your event. 

Influencer Events Are Relationship Building Events

At the end of the day, Influencer events are a great way for you and your business to make lasting connections. If you can manage to organize a successful influencer event, you not only will have something amazing to add to your business portfolio, but you will also be able to expand your list of great business relationships. Influencers are not going anywhere anytime soon, for social media is continuously growing and becoming one of the most prominent marketing platforms. Mastering the art of Influencer Events in NYC is a valuable asset for any business in the world of communications. 

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