Sex and the City Sara Jessica Parker

“I couldn’t help but wonder,” how will the new ‘Sex and the City’ series be integrated into modern day?

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Grab your Manolo Blahniks! HBO Max confirmed Sex and the City will be returning 17 years after its last episode aired. Ninety-four episodes, six seasons, and several reruns later, this is finally some news we can get excited about.

Sarah Jessica Parker teased her followers with a single instagram post disclosing a somewhat abstract trailer featuring scenes around New York City before concluding with “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now?” in the classic Carrie Bradshaw writing style. 

 I just got chills thinking about it again. 

Sex and the City Reboot

The 10 episode series, titled “And Just Like That…”, will follow the lives of three of the original leads of the hit ’90s show, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlotte York, played by Kristin Davis, and Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, as they explore life now in their 50s. Production for the show will start sometime in the next couple of months and will most likely appear on HBO Max by the end of the year, though there is no official release date as of now.

Sex and the City Sara Jessica Parker
“Sex And The City1” by chirinecarlao is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Thousands of followers flooded the comments responding enthusiastically to the news of reboot, however, parts of social media were also quick to notice one major problem. Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones, would not be returning. It left many people, including myself, speculating how the show could continue without the infamous, sexually liberated Samantha Jones? Rumors began circulating about what elaborate scheme the show’s writers may possibly come up, some quite hilarious, to remove her from the storyline. God forbid they dare recast her.  

Now, this probably doesn’t come as a shock to most. Over the years, Kim Cattrall has spoken not-so-privately about her feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker and her decision to walk away from her iconic role. She also doesn’t seem to have a problem with the publicity it has provoked, either. After 6 seasons, followed by two films in 2008 and 2010, fans were shocked to discover Sex and the City 3 was canceled with Kim Cattrall to blame after she pulled out of the movie at the last moment. Although, many could argue it was for the better. As a major fan of the original series, they may have just done themselves a favor, because after the sequel to the original Sex and the City movie, well, let’s just say it would have been tragic to see another similar movie made. Thank goodness we’re getting a do-over.

After the confirmation of the new reboot, as Carrie Bradshaw would famously say, “I couldn’t help but wonder,”  how will the new ‘Sex and the City’ series be integrated into modern day?

Influence on NYC

It’s safe to say that the economic influence Sex and the City has had on New York City over the years, is immeasurable. It revolutionized the image of New York as a place of opportunity and literally inspired entire generations of women and men to move to the city and live a “Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle.” The series even had a huge impact on tourism industry by bringing in fans from all over the world to experience all of the show’s notable landmarks on the Sex and the City bus and walking tours.

Unfortunately, in more modern times, tourism and city life looks a lot different due to the effects of the pandemic. The city that never sleeps doesn’t seem so fitting anymore. Fans can hopefully expect to see an updated version of Sex and the City that will highlight a more “evolved” urban lifestyle, that has unfolded in recent months, like the characters wearing masks, ordering food to-go, or even working remotely. With reboot set to take place on the New York City streets, it could have a positive impact on the outlook many have on New York City due to the pandemic. It is a great opportunity to showcase that the city everyone fell in love with from the original series is still there, but just looks a little bit different at the moment. I am hopeful fans will eventually return to their beloved city, if not to live out their “Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle” dream, then to at least to recreate some of their favorite Sex and the City moments. 

Carrie Bradshaw New York City House
“Carrie Bradshaw’s House From Sex And The City” by Rob Young is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Influence on New York Fashion

Not only has New York City had to reinvent itself, the pandemic drastically turned the fashion world upside down too. Reviving a series like Sex and the City could help to shape the future of fashion as it begins to climb out of the pandemic. Since the franchise aired its first episode in 1998, the styles showcased on the show might not have been the main point of the series initially, but eventually developed into an essential part of the storyline. The way each character was dressed became an important framework that helped further explain each character deeper. Charlotte was often dressed in modest and elegant pieces. While, Samantha’s fashion choices reflected her  unapologetic lifestyle, and Carrie’s often eclectic outfits helped highlight her nonconformist attitude. You can even credit Sex and the City for turning brand names like Fendy, Dolce and Gabana, and of course, Manolo Blahniks turning into household names…Sorry Mom.

Same Show, Different Retail World

The original series had such an impact on the fashion world and single-handedly shifted cultural and fashion trends. One could probably expect retail and fashion will remain a key concept in the new series. If you were to rewatch the original series many of the fashion choices are still timeless or have at least circulated back into style. But, man, is it a whole new retail world since it debuted nearly 25 years ago. For example, online retail completely changed the way a modern person shops and you can thank the pandemic for our increased interest in stylish athleisure and loungewear. Carrie without heels? I’d like to see that! It will be interesting to see how the reboot will continue to influence the generation’s that grew up watching the show live on television, because they have actually grown up with the characters.

Maybe we are going to see more brands tap into influencer-based marketing campaigns targeted towards Gen X more than we have ever seen before. Like the original series, And Just Like That… has the potential to capture the attention of younger generations, too. In order to do so, the show has to prioritize tackling inequity and incorporating sustainable consumption; qualities that are essential to younger generations when they shop. It would also be really exciting to see the reboot incorporate styles from different designers of all races, sexual orientations, and small businesses. I can’t wait to see how this series impacts the world.

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