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Top 10 Beauty Influencers 2019

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With fashion, it’s always about what’s trending.  New shoe styles, funky sunglasses, eclectic purses, you name it.  That’s one aspect that makes the fashion industry so exciting. What’s in one year, might be out the next and vice versa.  However, in opposition to fashion, the beauty industry is all about consistency.  Face masks, face creams, hand lotions, and foot soaks never go out of style.  Perhaps, that’s what allows the two industries to complement each other so well.  

It’s often said, when you feel beautiful you look beautiful.  However, people often struggle with finding the right skincare and beauty products that will make them glow, feel and look younger.  Similar to style, not every product is right for each individual. At AMP3, we think it’s important to feel and look your best at all times, which is why we’ve put together a list of our top beauty influencers in 2019, so far, that can help you figure out what might make you more beautiful.  

  1. @ashnfashn – Best Motherhood Beauty

Mom and mom-to-be, Ashley Tarkington Jackel, has a way of bringing simplicity, cleanliness, and an airy light to your beauty routine.  From facial products from bareMinerals to hair products from T3 Micro, Ashley incorporates daily routines into new and emerging products and beauty tools.  Looking for some influencer-mom inspo? She’s definitely the one to follow!

2. @chermycloset – Most Luxurious

Cher Bai defines chic beauty.  From Chanel eyeshadows to Lancôme face creams, Cher adds luxury to your everyday beauty routine.  While she may not be the one to follow if you’re staying in within a tight budget, Cher is a great source for both luxurious beauty and fashion.  In addition to skincare tips, she also provides simple yet stunning makeup looks like Dior’s Iconic Red lipstick.      

3. @bethanynoelm – Most Famous

This is a name you’ve definitely heard before.  Bethany Mota created her YouTube channel in 2009 where she rose to fame sharing everything from clothing purchases, to hair styles, makeup tutorials.  Having developed a huge following over the years, Bethany now has over 10 million followers on YoutTube and 5 million on Instagram.  Her girl-next-door charm is always guaranteed to bring you affordable, exciting, and new beauty routines and products.      

4. @xposedbeauty – Best Beachy Beauty 

California-beachy is one of the best ways to describe Jenn Jackson.  Jenn is a licensed aesthetician, who found her calling in both beauty and fashion. Her plant based lifestyle and healthy living, which came after a health scare, is at the core of her beauty recommendations.  Some of her top featured products include the Exuviance performance peel and OUAI leave in conditioner.   

5. @therealkamie – Biggest Beauty Advocate 

Former Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford, covers everything from affordable daily routines, to high end, treat-yo-self, moments.  From Dove to Elizabeth Arden, Kamie provides options for every one, while sticking true to what’s best for her.  An advocate for treating your body well and maintaining pure happiness, Kamie is great source for inspiration whether you’re feeling like your skin, or your mood, needs an extra boost!   

6. @valerialipovestsky – Best Holistic Lifestyle

Valeria Lipovetsky holds many titles: beauty blogger, YouTuber, mother, holistic nutritionist.  A vision of clean beauty and clean living, Valeria features beauty products that match her healthy and happy lifestyle.  Adding a fun twist but creating entertaining beauty videos, Valeria is a great influence for those au-natural looks.

7.  @collectionofvials – Best Zen

NYC beauty and lifestyle blogger, Stepahnie Zheng, brings her Traditional Chinese Medicine herbology to the forefront of her beauty routines and recommendations.  Wanting to make jade rollers more accessible, Stephanie started Mount Lai, her own line of jade rollers and gau shau tools.  Stephanie features a variety of products in aesthetically pleasing ways, while staying true to her Chinese roots.  

8. @scoutthecity – Most Likely to Turn Heads 

LA-born, NYC-raised, this Puerto Rican, Brazilian and Cuban beauty always catches our eye.  Sai De Silva is all about promoting fitness, fashion and beauty, while proving to be a great influence (as you can see through the photos she posts of her daughter).  Proving that there is time in life to both be a mom and take a moment for yourself, Sai inspires all of us to want it all. And with a little help from her, we can have it!  

9. @overglowedit – Craziest Collections 

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Having a bit of a blah day today, and I’m struggling to even write a caption because my brain is actual soup right now 🍜. I somehow managed to finish my 2018 faves blog post, but WOW did I have a hard time getting through it. I had kind of abandoned my blog for a little bit, and it was so hard to get back into the groove of writing, which sucks bc I love writing! I get a lot more self-conscious about my writing than my photos, but I’m determined to drum up more long-form reviews and posts this year 👊🏼. I know some people think blogs are dead, but I still love them - if you have any faves you think I should read (can be any type), let me know below! ☁️ @honuaskincare beauty water (received this in a @cnuskincare box): a hydrating toner that offers gentle exfoliation, and has been a refreshing start to my morning routines to prep my skin for the rest of my products. I have the 2 oz bottle ($24), and I’ll easily go through this in a month-ish, so it does feel a little luxe considering how much you get, and how similar it performs to some other hydrating toners I own. Overall though, most of what I’ve tried from the Honua line works really well for my skin, especially their Youth Serum! ☁️ @jergensus wet skin moisturizer: I figure the best time to spot test self-tanners is the winter when people can’t see that my legs are two different colors (for science!). I’m gonna see how this works over the next couple of days - it’s not necessarily a self-tanner, but it is supposed to give a little color, so I’m gonna try it out on one leg and see what the shade difference is. You’re supposed to apply it right after you shower on wet skin, and it claims to hydrate, firm, and develop a subtle color. While I don’t love the idea of standing wet in my cold shower applying lotion, I’m still intrigued. Has anyone tried it? ☁️ @playa dry shampoo: I just want to say that this is probably one of my favorite smelling dry shampoos in my lineup. I need a hair fragrance ASAP. (gifted)

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Melanie Graves has every beauty product possible.  No, that’s not an exaggeration. If you want to see every beauty product in the books laid out, Melanie is your girl.  Almost each post is a different aesthetically-pleasing collection of face creams, dry shampoo, nail polish, face oils, hand lotions, and more.  Don’t worry, it’s not just in the pictures either. Melanie gives a full detailed review of each product in each photo, providing you with some of the most detailed beauty reviews out there.     

10. @oliamajd – Freshest Vibes

San Diego-based Olia Majd keeps her beauty routines fresh, simple, clean…and well, beautiful.  Olia tests a variety of products including face masks, anti-wrinkle serums, night creams, restorative eye concentrates, and so much more.  One of her favorite beauty brands to use is Vichy, a clean skincare line with derm-grade ingredients.  Looking for more all-natural, organic skincare brands? Check out Derma E, we swear by them!

Interested in last year’s beauty picks?  Check out our roundup of our 2018 Top Beauty Influencer inspirations.  Hint: we still love them all!   

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