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Top 10 Beauty Influencers of 2018 (so far)

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a new palette and had no idea what to do with it...We’ve all been there, so don’t worry. Thankfully, there’s a world of beauty gurus out there with thousands of products at their disposal. Even better, they share their skills on social media so others can learn from them. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr… all these platforms are packed with product reviews, tutorials, swatches and guides to help you on your journey. So fret no more over that new palette - we've got your back. As an award winning Fashion & Beauty PR agency, we have seen our fair share of beauty accounts, fashion products and the like. Although it is a difficult task to limit our choices to only 10 influencers, we have curated a list of our go-to accounts! Our Top 10 Beauty Influencers of 2018 are going to serve as all the inspiration you need to get your brushes working and start serving looks (click on the pictures to access their IG).

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Nyma - @nymatang

Why we love her:

Nyma is a must follow in 2018. Her claim to fame is her “Darkest Shade” series, testing the ranges of dozens of brands and seeing just how inclusive they really are. Anyone willing to challenge industry leaders in this way is someone to watch. We need more people to speak up for inclusivity! Plus, Nyma is a great source of inspiration for makeup looks that look great on dark skin tones and brown eyes. However, regardless of your skin tone, you'll definitely find a makeup look that you can try out on yourself! Seriously, just look at that glow. Be sure to check her out if you need some tips on making those eyes pop.

Lipsticknick - @lipsticknick 

Why we love her:

Lipstick Nick is the artist behind so many bold looks. You’ll want to follow Nick if you’re not afraid to try some bold looks. Lipstick Nick is also known for her amazing body art. She has done projects on mothers-to-be, sports fans, costume enthusiasts and everything in between. Responsible for the makeup looks of dozens of in the beauty community and several makeup promotional shoots, you’ll find inspiration of all kinds here.  Best of all, she teaches as she goes. Besides sharing tutorial videos, she also goes on beauty tours across the world to give in person classes to give you the chance to learn the best techniques to get the looks you want.

Cat Martinez - @catthe1st

Why we love her:

Cat is changing the game for the deaf beauty community. You’ll notice that her tutorials are all subtitled and that she uses American Sign Language, making them accessible and useful to a wider audience than the average video. We love that Cat is paving the way for a society that is more aware and inclusive. After all, makeup is a universal language and anyone is welcome to speak it. Cat is known for creating amazing looks that show off her eyeshadow and highlighting skills. She also shares our love for Derma-E and religiously uses the Radiance toner! Be sure to check out some of her photos and videos for reviews and swatches as well.

Legna - @fuentes_legna

Why we love her:

Legna is serving some of the best eye makeup looks around. This should definitely be on your lists of profiles to visit if you’re looking for some color inspiration. Peruse her page for hundreds of eyeshadow and brow inspo! She also lists all products used in her captions, so if you’re thinking about recreating a look, you can easily match the colors or find a dupe in your current makeup collection. She has everything from casual everyday-wear looks to over-the-top, full face looks that likely require a steady hand and a lot of patience, so there’s something for everyone here.

Kathleen Lights - @kathleenlights

Why we love her:

Kathleen Lights is a name you may or may not already know, depending on how deep you are in the beauty community. What we love about her, though, is that a majority of her beauty reviews and tutorials all use affordable brands. While the dream is definitely to be able to go drop $100 at Sephora on any given day, the reality is that’s not possible for many. However, do not let your budget discourage you from achieving your makeup goals!  Kathleen Lights will show you exactly how to create unique and trendy looks that are affordable as well. On her page, you’ll find tips and tricks for all the brands typically found in drugstores and Ulta. Your wallet will thank you. Kathleen Lights has collaborated with leaders in the beauty industry such as Colour Pop and Ofra, and just recently created her own brand of nail polishes called KL Polish (who happens to be an AMP3 Client)!

Megan Lane - @megan_rose_lane

Why we love her:

This beauty is the little dose of inspiration we all need. Megan uses her platform to share makeup tips and tricks with her followers, but also to inspire. As someone who was once consumed with maintaining a perfect image, she now uses her platform to remind her followers about the importance of self love and the reality of the beauty industry. She also makes sure to remind you that acne is normal and not something to be ashamed of. And if your choice is to cover up your acne with a flawlessly beat face, Megan is a source of inspiration for that as well! She wants you to remember that makeup is about expressing yourself and that you should never force yourself to live up to the impossible standards set by retouched photographs.

Rowi Singh - @rowisingh

Why we love her:

Rowi has been dishing out some of the most detailed looks of 2018 and tying in some elements of her Indian culture while she’s at it. Oh, and she’s self taught. Her looks favor bright, bold colors and usually include some jewels as well. Even if you’re not up to doing the full face glam many of her photos feature, you can always find some inspiration in just the eye makeup looks and recreate them into your own work of art. Rowi has an amazing skill of taking the typical trends that spam our feeds and adding a refreshing and unique touch. Whether it be accessories, fake tattoos, or hair, Rowi always has something innovative up her sleeve.

Kimberley - @kimberleymargarita_

Why we love her:

If Kimberly’s page doesn’t inspire you to level up your makeup skills, we don’t know what will. A scroll through her feed will have you feeling like you’re traveling through a fantasy book full of mermaids, pixies, forest spirits and more. Plus, her collection of wigs will serve as hair inspiration no matter what color hair you’re sporting this year. Be sure you have time before clicking on her page because her looks will have you scrolling your whole day away! Kimberly used to be a florist and says a lot of her implementation of flowers and natural elements into her work comes from her history working with plants and flowers. Don’t worry, she’s got some discount codes to share with you as well, for everything from wigs to glitter.

Jeannine - @byjeannine

Why we love her:

Jeannine is the perfect source of inspiration for looks that are casual enough to wear every day but still impressive enough to show you know your way around a makeup kit. She breaks her looks down in tutorial videos on both Instagram and YouTube, so you can try your hand at recreating anything that inspires you. Jeannine plays around with faux freckles, negative space eyeshadow, and even different wigs. You’ll also find her showing off a variety of products, so be sure to follow if you’re looking for reviews on a specific brand or want to know how it’ll look when applied.

Mathu - @beautybymathu

Why we love her:

Apart from being a gorgeous natural beauty, Mathu offers a ton of great makeup looks on her profile. Not only are the looks casual enough to wear into the office, but the posts are made to be helpful for you. Mathu often tests, reviews and compares products as well as gives her opinion on who may prefer one brand over the other and why. She has mastered the dewy look and natural highlights and contour. Her feed has such a relaxed, friendly vibe, it’ll feel like you’re browsing just to get makeup advice from a friend. Occasionally you’ll also see some looks inspired by Mathu’s Sri Lankan roots.

And that's a wrap on our Top 10 Influencers of 2018 (so far)! Be sure to follow these creative content creators for all your makeup inspiration needs. Tell us below, what makeup look are you most excited to try?

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