The Top 10 Fashion Influencers of 2018 (so far)

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Spring is here, the snow is melting (for some of us…), and we can finally focus on our spring wardrobes. Now our attention can turn to fashion bloggers and top fashion gurus to get our daily dose of best looks for the Spring and Summer. Of course, you’re probably already following the biggest names in fashion, but discovering new talent never hurt anyone.

Here at AMP3 PR, we work with fashion influencers on a daily basis to help tell our clients stories and to bring their brands to life through captivating photo and video content.  We’ve been at the helm of influencer marketing from the beginning of the social media boom, and throughout our years working in the space, we’ve discovered a few favorites and we’re always on the hunt for the next big personality. When working in specific niches (like footwear, accessories, or sustainability), micro influencers can be the best partners.

If you’re looking for some new fashionistas to follow, take a look at our Top 10 Fashion Influencers for 2018!

  1. @hannahdonker Best Minimalistic Style

    🚫 Versace

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    Hannah’s account is a great place to look for minimalistic inspiration. Every girl has their moments when they just need a bold look, but for the most part, you’ll find Hannah showing off gorgeous yet simple outfits and pairing it with a stunning nude makeup look. Follow Hannah to soak in her soft and laidback aesthetic yet fierce demeanor. Hannah is the essence of “less is more”, but she does not let her style prevent her from occasionally exploring bold looks as well. We love the self-titled Gemini Gypsy for expressing her natural beauty and teaching followers how to simply enhance their look!

  2. @fridacashflow Biggest Activist

    freshwater mother of pearl 🐚

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    FridaCashflow is the best friend you’ve never had, the big sister you’ve always wanted and the inspiration for your next post on IG. The art activist and model also known as Gabby, uses her platform to speak out on issues that she feels strongly about, and she does it all while looking great. Gabby is also not afraid to be honest about her insecurities, her doubts or her goals. She has been able to make a connection with her followers and foster a community concerned with issues much deeper than likes and comments. Explore her page to open your mind to political activism, open your soul to self-care, and open your eyes to beauty and bangin’ fits!

  3. @lilmiquelaBest Hair

    Mood after watching 15 videos straight on @ifyouhigh

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    Yes, we were just as confused as you are. Are you looking at a cartoon or a human? Why does this account have so many followers? What is even going on anymore?! We know, we know! Lil’ Miquela is a computer generated image or a CGI. She has garnered a large following of people desperate to grasp the limitless and fast-paced life of a CGI Model. Her hair is always on point, her outfits are cute and her vibe is chill. The only thing that would make Miquela more perfect were if she were real! Check out her page if your interested in the mind-boggling, yet oh so entertaining world of the “It Girl” of CGI.

  4. @theashleygraham Most Inspirational

    We’re crowning Ashley with the Most Inspirational title because this girl has been through it all. She uses her platform to spread messages of body positivity and inclusivity for all, regardless of size. In addition to spreading positivity and self-love, Ashley is a beautiful boss-lady that has taken over the fashion industry with her striking beauty and ability to look great in anything! The best part about Ashley is her commitment to inclusion; she has collaborated with Swimsuits For All to release her own line of suits that have a broad range of sizes and are super cute.  She’s also collaborated with several other brands to release inclusive designs and regularly posts reminders to love yourself.

  5. @juliahengel – Most Aesthetic

    Floral, feminine, soft. Those three words sum up what you’ll find if you stumble across Julia’s account. Her account is literally a wonderland of bliss and sunshine! Amongst soft pinks and purples in almost every image, you’ll find an adorable world traveler who’s life you’ll want to experience vicariously. Julia’s page is an absolute breath of fresh air for those longing for some Spring vibes. We love Julia for her attention to detail, tailored recommendations, and heartwarming attitude.

  6. @the.elegant.giraffe Best Vintage Style

    If history repeats itself, then so does fashion. The Elegant Giraffe, also known as Jessica has curated the perfect feed for vintage lovers and anyone interested in 1930’s fashion. Jessica has a clear passion for  vintage and even owns her own store on Etsy called, Piper Cub Vintage.  Jessica’s feed will give you a lesson on destroying the barriers of time to sport your favorite vintage pieces. We’re convinced Jessica would be trendsetter regardless of what year it is.

  7. @_lomeyer_ – Best for Affordable Fashion

    Fashion doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag and Lauren is doing a great job of showing followers how to navigate the fashion world on a budget. Lauren keeps us updated on the latest brands and styles that she follows to keep her look super cute and chic. We love Lauren for sharing prices, sales and discount codes to ensure that we can all take advantage of money-saving opportunities to look & feel great!  *Applause*

  8. @thegreylayers – Best Traveling Fashion

    It’s all in the description on this one… 22 countries and counting! Jeanne is a world traveler with great fashion sense. Yet, beyond her breathtaking exhibitions to Bali for her wedding ceremony or her private get-aways off the coast of Portugal is a beautiful woman reminding us to appreciate our loved ones and most importantly, ourselves. Amongst the global aesthetic and fashionable looks are inspiring messages encouraging the pursuit of happiness and self-love. One of our favorite part about Jeanne’s page is her highlight dedicated to “Vibes”; check it out if you’re in the need for some inspiration or a gentle reminder to look on the bright side, you won’t regret it!

  9. @catmeffan Best Athletic Fashion

    Cat has the perfect feed for checking out some athletic fashion. While you’re there, you may pick up a yoga pose or two. Plus, her captions are loaded with motivational tips, tricks and anecdotes. Cat also hosts private lessons and retreats!

  10. @biancamaycheah Best for a Little Bit of Everything

    Fashion, wellness, skincare, travel… Bianca’s got it all covered on her account. Bianca outlines her interests in a nicely curated selection of highlights. Traveling from hemisphere to hemisphere this wellness guru and Founder of Sport Eluxe will show you how to do it all! Whether it be goofing around on the beach in Santa Monica or exploring Whistler, Bianca does it with style and a healthy diet!


And that wraps up our list of top 10 Fashion Influencers for 2018! These accounts vary in style and following, but we think all of them offer a great perspective on fashion and offer a little something extra to keep things interesting. What are your favorite types of fashion accounts to follow?

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