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AMP3 PR at NY Fashion Week

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This season AMP3 PR handled pr for both Launch NYC Fashion Week & Nolcha Fashion Week in NYC. 2014 was the inaugural LAUNCH NYC Fashion Week–a new 8-day Fashion Week that incorporates runway, retail & showroom into one seamless experience at a beautiful 5,000 square foot storefront space on West 17th Street. The concept was ‘launched’ by Manufacture New York, …

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Understanding What Public Relations Actually Is

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I realized on a recent trip to Florida that most people don’t really understand the function of Public Relations.  This came about as I had to explain my job as a publicist to some elderly companions celebrating my great-uncle’s 85th birthday. The quick answer I generally give is, “I help people with something to promote promote it.” That’s actually a …

Is it Possible that We’ve Exhausted the Blogosphere?

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Despite the fact that we have an ever-growing number of blogs inundating the internet every day, are these blogs losing their potency? It would make sense that in a Web 2.0 world where everyone has the capacity to post their thoughts online (and/or claim expert status), no niche is left unfilled and we’re bordering on redundancy.  Much like public relations, …