Lauren Meyer Amp3PR Influencer Insider Series

Influencer Insider: Lauren Meyer

Shae Influencer & Celebrity

We’re back with another featured AMP3 Influencer Insider! Meet Lauren Meyer, a lifestyle blogger that focuses on the best kind of style– the affordable kind! Lauren (@_lomeyer_) made our list of the Top 10 Fashion Influencers of 2018. We love her style and the fact that she goes the extra mile to create looks that are accessible to all.  Missed …

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Influencer Insider: Freddy Rodriguez

Megan Influencer & Celebrity

Today we are speaking with Freddy Rodriguez (@blueperk), our featured AMP3 Influencer Insider! Freddy, who has been blogging since 2011, is a seasoned veteran in the influencer space. He has worked with countless lifestyle, fashion, and travel brands; giving him the opportunity to meet incredible people and see incredible places. We are so excited to see what Freddy will continue …

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Influencer Insider: Sasha Hart

Megan Influencer & Celebrity

We’re back with another featured AMP3 Influencer Insider! Meet Sasha Hart, a music artist, aerial permformer, instagrammmer turner Youtuber based in NYC. Sasha (@sashahartnyc) is at the peak of creativity; pushing boundaries and staying true to herself! We have really loved getting to know Sasha and hearing about her thoughts on the Influencer space. But don’t just take our word …

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Influencer Insider: Francis Kenneth

Megan Influencer & Celebrity

What are your thoughts on the term influencer? (If you prefer another title, what is it?) I totally get that it’s an umbrella term, but I strongly dislike and disagree with it. Anyone can be an influencer, but I feel that most “influencers” aren’t using their platform to actually influence anyone to do anything impactful, let alone meaningful. I call …

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Influencer Insider: Hayden Cohen

Megan Influencer & Celebrity

We’re back with another featured AMP3 Influencer Insider! Hayden Cohen (@hayderz) is a joy to work with! He is kind, creative, and stays true to himself and his style. Find out what Hayden has to say about being an influencer, measuring his success, and where he sees the space heading. Missed last week’s insider? Not to worry! You can check …

Jessie Barber, Influencer Insider, AMP3 pr

Influencer Insider: Jessie Barber

Megan Influencer & Celebrity

Our next Insider Influencer Insider is Jessie Barber of @minipennyblog. Jessie is based in Chicago and has an amazing sense of style. Find out what Jessie has to say about being an influencer, working with brands & publicists, and more! Missed last week’s insider? Don’t fret! You can check out our previous Influencer Insider here, and all of our Insider interviews here …

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Influencer Insider: Steffy Degreff

AMP3 Public Relations Influencer & Celebrity

This booming industry is incredibly popular; featuring thriving blogs and beautiful Instagram posts. But many, including the AMP3 team, still find themselves wondering what being an influencer is actually like on the other side. How do they feel about the term “influencer“? How do they spend their days? What are brands doing right/wrong? So we decided to speak with some …