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Influencer Insider: Freddy Rodriguez

MeganInfluencer & Celebrity

Today we are speaking with Freddy Rodriguez (@blueperk), our featured AMP3 Influencer Insider! Freddy, who has been blogging since 2011, is a seasoned veteran in the influencer space. He has worked with countless lifestyle, fashion, and travel brands; giving him the opportunity to meet incredible people and see incredible places. We are so excited to see what Freddy will continue to do on his colorful social pages and exciting blog, Blue Perk.

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What are your thoughts on the term influencer? (If you prefer another title, what is it?)

To best honest, the term influencer or blogger are both fine for me. At the end of the day, my job is advertising by sharing a piece of my life that I’m lucky enough so many others are interested in following. Though I am aware there is a negative connotation with the term influencer, I am happy and feel fortunate to do this type of work as my career.

Tell us a little bit more about what it means to be an influencer/content creator in today’s brand marketing world?

In today’s brand marketing world, to be an influencer to me means you are a hustler. A jack of all trades. Someone who not only for the most part looks good, but also understands photography, photoshop, videography and above all are social enough to keep yourself relevant by networking in person with those who manage marketing campaigns. Plus having an agent who equally works as hard as you do and believes in your brand.

What do you like most about Social Media (Specifically Instagram)?

For me, I enjoy connecting with people the most in real life from Instagram. At an early age of 22 after graduating from college I took my blog full time and traveled around Europe and Asia using Instagram to connect with people. Now I have friends everywhere and love it when they visit NYC.

What do you like the least about Social Media (Specifically Instagram)?

What I like least about social media would be the fact that sometimes I don’t want to be social and most specially Instagram’s algorithm.

Can you walk us through what a normal work day is like for you?

A “normal” day for me is honestly quite different everyday. The common themes through most days is answering emails, responding to comments and posting on Instagram. Some days are more photoshoot heavy and others are more editing, emails and meetings. Sometimes it’s all of the above. Then other days I just get to relax with my hubby. The freedom that I get to create my own schedule I love the most about being an influencer.

Can you talk a little bit about your experience working with publicists? The importance of those relationships?

As I stated earlier, working with a publicist is the most important to get work and make sure you’re relevant. I have great experiences with most. We become friends and enjoy working together.

What do brands tend to get wrong when working with influencers? And what are the top things brands should know about working with you/them (your tips & best practices)?

The brands that tend to get wrong working with influencers are brands who don’t have budget or are not aware of the value of the internet. The ones who only believe in print and television. My tips for a brand who wants to work with an influencer on a campaign or single sponsored post. To have an actual budget and not insult the influencer with a gift and expect a full dedicated post to their product.

When working with brands, what do you look for? Is there anything you wouldn’t do?

When working with brands I look for authenticity. I wouldn’t do something I don’t believe.

Would you say that you have a niche? If so, what is it?

I do find myself in colorful/ menswear spectrum niche. I really enjoy sharing colorful photos and engaging with others who do the same.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part, other than creating my own schedule, is that I have full creative freedom to create content that resonates with my style. That I am able to travel to different places and share my experiences through posts that share a piece of my interest and style.

How do you think this career path has changed you? (Has your style changed at all, have you traveled more because of it, etc.)

This career path has changed my life completely. Travel is a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t have the experiences in my life if it isn’t for this career.

Quick Qs- Rapid Fire!

What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without? Sunglasses

What is your favorite Phone App? I’m Android… Instagram

What’s an Instagram photo you would never post? full on nudity

Pizza or tacos? Pizza taco?!

What brand(s) are you loving right now? Givenchy

One reality that people don’t realize about being an influencer? It’s an everyday hustle

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