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Garage Influencer Event Recap

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Garage, a Canadian-based clothing brand, came to AMP3 PR for help with their first-ever NYC Launch event.  The event was built to showcase their new Holiday 2019 collection. AMP3 PR had just 3 weeks to conceptualize and execute this brand-right influencer event titled  “After Midnight”.  

With over 300 stores across Canada, Garage is part of Groupe Dynamite, the global fashion retailer who offers everything from jeans and jackets, to dresses and swimwear, all within an accessible price range. 

Garage Influencer Event

Garage had just redefined their brand, so AMP3’s biggest challenge in the three week time frame was finding 10 girls who perfectly fit the new style and vibe of the brand.  The influencers who attended included Christine Burke (159k), Maria Beltre (289k), Lexi Wood (672k), Lily Montasser (101k), Vie (6.3k), Alexa Mareka (86.9k), Megan Miller (57.5k), Alyssa Lenore (149k), Malie Tremblay (30.1k), and Carolina Marie (115k).  Lexi Wood and Lily Montasser both did “get ready with me” stories on their social leading up to and during the event, while Maria Beltre took over Garage’s Instagram account throughout the night with a sneak peak at the collection and an insider look at the intimate event.  



Garage Influencer Event NYC

When we kicked off the partnership, Garage provided a vision board for the event to give us a feel for the aesthetic they were looking for. We used this to find them a brand right venue that ticked all of their boxes and seamlessly lent itself to their vision. The venue, Holy Ground, was a trendy restaurant in downtown NYC. It was aesthetically on point, but we still wanted to make it as specific to the brand as possible.  Through exciting decor including a neon light photo moment, all the little nuances contributed to the overall ambiance and brand vision.  

Event Production

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At the restaurant,  the night kicked off with a presentation by the head stylist at Garage, where she walked girls through the new collection.  These carefully selected influencers were then able to check out the new collection themselves, sip on Garage-branded winter cocktails, and enjoy a three-course dinner, all while experiencing some great photo opportunities with their friends.  

During the dinner, which included grilled prawns, mushroom risotto, a cookie pie, and more, a wine connoisseur was brought in to walk through each course’s wine pairings offering an additional dinner element.  


Afterwards, the girls were able to shop the new looks at the event, and take home their favorite pieces!

For this event specifically, AMP3 handled everything A to Z, including the venue scouting and acquisition, the cocktail & dinner menu design, the decor & activation planning, influencer scouting, negotiations, and acquisitions, and the final influencer reports & analytics.

Overall, this was an amazing opportunity for brand-influencer relationships, as well as capturing content for the brand to use in conjunction with this exciting launch. The event resulted in over 670,000 social media impressions and a reach of over 1.6 million.

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