Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show Recap

Sydney MaysFashion

Another Fashion filled weekend at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show!

What a busy weekend! We recently wrapped up the Manhattan Vintage Show and it was a wonderful event filled with rare vintage finds! The show began on Friday and concluded on Saturday evening. It featured a specially-curated exhibit from vintage legend, Marilyn Kirschner. As the current editor-in chief of The Look Online, and former Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Marilyn Kirschner has an eye for fashion. Many of the pieces in Kirschner’s exhibit were originally purchased at the Manhattan Vintage Show! It is truly incredible to see the cycle of fashion in action; pieces Marilyn originally bought at the show have made their return years later to become a “new” treasured edition to the wardrobe of a fellow vintage enthusiast.
Vintage shopping is like a sport and without the proper technique, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options! In an interview with Bella New York Magazine on the first day of the event, Marilyn advises vintage shoppers to know your style, that way you can quickly decide if you want to take home one of your finds or leave it for the next lucky peruser. Marilyn also gave us some advice prior to the show, saying, “Don’t be bogged down by trends, they’re so overrated. What’s good is always good, and everything comes back in style anyway. It’s not about what is deemed ‘in’ or ‘it’ by so called experts. It's about what appeals to you.” Fortunately, the vendors at Manhattan Vintage Show came equipped with business cards to promote their online stores as well. So if you saw something you were not able to snag, check out the websites of your favorite vendors, you may get lucky.
Although, there was no reason to be stuck on just one item because there was a plethora of options. The show was full of vendors selling everything from fur coats to handmade bracelets! With over 70 local and international vendors, the racks of clothes and handbags were literally disappearing into the horizon. Each vendor had its own personality that was translated through the products and the team that hosted each stand. Whether you came to the Manhattan Vintage Show to break the bank or window shop, you were immersed in vibrant fur coats and delicate vintage dresses creating a fashion environment unlike any other.
If you’re like us, then you know there is always more to learn from one of the many stars of the show, Marilyn Kirschner. Check out the full interview she did with Bella NYC and pay attention because the next vintage show is not far behind!

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