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Influencer Insider: Jessie Barber

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Our next Insider Influencer Insider is Jessie Barber of @minipennyblog. Jessie is based in Chicago and has an amazing sense of style. Find out what Jessie has to say about being an influencer, working with brands & publicists, and more! Missed last week’s insider? Don’t fret! You can check out our previous Influencer Insider here, and all of our Insider interviews here …

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What Do PR Firms Do?

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Anyone who has worked in a Public Relations agency can attest to being asked, quite often, what PR entails. Those who are interested in getting into the industry or working with industry professionals often have an undefined knowledge as to what the field is about.   Still, everyone knows the importance of PR, especially given the fact that PR has …

How To Get Free Press For Your Business

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One of the biggest challenges of any business is getting the word out about their product or service and ensuring that the information about their existence remains fresh in the audience’s minds. Any business knows that maintaining a good image in the public is vital for success. Brand exposure is key. Advertorial vs. Editorial When it comes to getting press …

Top PR Tools 2018

Top PR Tools (2018)

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The public relations industry is continuously changing and ever evolving within today’s digital age. Public Relations has merged with Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, and much more. The traditional PR methods are no longer the sole strategy for PR professionals. Here are the top 8 PR tools for 2018 that we use at AMP3 Public Relations to keep up with …