Top PR Tools 2018

Top PR Tools (2018)

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The public relations industry is continuously changing and ever evolving within today’s digital age. Public Relations has merged with Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, and much more. The traditional PR methods are no longer the sole strategy for PR professionals. Here are the top 8 PR tools for 2018 that we use at AMP3 Public Relations to keep up with this ever changing industry.

1. Cision
In a recent sit down with Cision, we referred to the platform as the “ultimate tool for a PR pro.” Cision is a leading global full featured software. The platform’s database has more than 1.5 million contact including journalists and influencers. Its features include advanced distribution of press releases, an access to a complete database of bloggers and journalists, tracking as well as monitoring, and analysis of the news and Social Medias to measure the PR plan’s effectiveness.
In addition, with the one of a kind Cision communication cloud, you can gain access to millions of online conversations and acquire better insight about your audience and brand. You can check this video for more information about how it works.

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2. Ahrefs
PR & SEO strategies are beginning to align more and more. And with Ahrefs you can take your SEO game to the next level. Although it is one of the most expensive SEO tools, it is well worth the money. With its easy to use platform, you can get all the needed information for a successful marketing strategy. It covers keyword research, competitor analysis, as well as SEO auditing and content marketing analysis.

This tool also allows you to monitor your domain and its rank so you would make the necessary changes to reach a higher rank. You can check the exact keywords your competitors are using to rank high and how much traffic it is bringing them. With endless data on millions of keywords, you can be confident you are getting accurate information on all of your keyword research.

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3. Muck Rack
Muck Rack is a great PR tool that helps users know what journalists are posting in real time. You can track each of the reporters and know what they are writing about. This way, you will know where, when, and why is your brand mentioned among the journalists, thus tracking the success of your marketing campaigns.
This fast alerting PR tool can be integrated with social media such as twitter. It enables you to keep note of your engagement with the journalists and track your results. It is a great resource to help you find journalists by categories, such as their location, topics covered, tweets, etc.

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4. D’Marie
We all know the importance of the influencer campaign, but whenever a company comes to us, they always want to know how much an influencer is worth and what their return on investment will be. D’Marie has developed a proprietary algorithm that measures over 56 metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With this algorithm they can measure the “worth” of an influencer by analyzing things like content reach, quality of posts, posting frequency and more.

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Based on D’Marie, Selena Gomez’s social media posts are worth about $550,000 each.


5. Google Alerts
Google Alerts allows you to detect content change and get a notification about it. This way, you can find out whenever your company, client, or even a competitor is mentioned in the media. The great thing about Google Alerts is that you can set up as many keywords as you want, and then get alerts whenever the keyword is mentioned. When new results are found, this service sends you an email.

This is a great tool to keep an eye on whatever topic you are interested in. Also, you can monitor how your campaign is doing and make adjustments as it is needed.

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6. HARO – Help A Reporter Out
HARO is a great tool that connects expert sources with journalists and bloggers. On one hand, journalists are able to list their needs on the website. Sources are then notified 3 times per day about the media opportunities. On the other hand, multiple brands can connect with the journalists and share their stories.

HARO presents the perfect media coverage opportunities. It contains a rich database of sources that thousands of journalists can benefit from. You will also be notified of the opportunities according to your industry expertise and secure media coverage. This is great for anyone looking for DIY PR options.

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7. Sprout Social
Keeping up a consistent posting schedule is crucial, but it isn’t always easy; especially when you are a PR pro handling several brand’s social media accounts at one time. It is way too much to have to post on multiple platforms, for multiple clients, every day. With Sprout Social (our go to platform) you can schedule Facebook and Twitter posts, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month in advance. This is a sure way to ensure you are keeping up a regular posting rhythm, we cannot stress enough how key consistency is. Of course, you have to remember that not every post is set in stone, and some times you may have to change, update, reorder a scheduled post. More than anything social media is about being current. Although you might have a post scheduled for “today” there may be an important conversation happening that your company should jump on. Sprout social is great for time management, but you always have to remain informed and on your toes and adjust accordingly.

Sprout social is also great for analytics: growth, demographics, and so on.

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8. OnlyPult
This program is a convenient Instagram marketing tool for management. It allows you to create posts and schedule them. Through this tool, you are able to access all your Instagram accounts which helps in managing multiple accounts at the same time, without the need to log in/log out of each account. OnlyPult is easy to navigate and allows you to create, publish, and schedule posts through a simple process.
In addition, this tool will allow you to use the Instagram features on a computer screen. This will facilitate the upload of a high quality image. Also, OnlyPult will size the post correctly according to your uploaded image.

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9. Mail Track

With the countless pitches publicists do on a daily basis, many go unanswered. It is daunting to know if your message was delivered to the sender, if they read it, or if it got lost in their swamp of  incoming emails they get on a daily basis. MailTrack is a program that helps to manage the stress that comes with sending important messages.

The program is an add-on to Gmail that includes the ✓✓to messages, which confirms that your email has been sent and if your recipient has opened it. This installation solely places the double-checks into your Gmail. Everything else remains the same.

It is convenient and will let you know when a follow-up is necessary.

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