Yantra Mat featured in Marie Claire, Glamour, Shape, Real Simple and more!

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The Yantra Mat by Yantra Way was recently featured in a number of publications including Marie Claire Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and Real Simple. The Yantra Mat, a gentler version of the ancient Indian nail bed, is studded with 8,800 non-toxic ABS plastic spikes. The spikes feel sharp, but with your body’s weight distributed evenly over the mat, an intense sensation …

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Yantra Mat Featured on iVillage for Mother’s Day!

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The Yantra Mat by Yantraway is featured on iVillage’s Mother’s Day gift guide.  This years iVillage gift guide had 26 gifts, each applying to a letter in the alphabet, Yantra Mat was given the letter Z for Zen.  The Yantra Mat can be puchased at yantraway and for a limited time, if you enter RELAX at the checkout you’ll receive an …

Yantra Mat Featured on the Tyra Show!

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The Yantra Mat was featured in yesterday’s Tyra Show segment (aired February 23, 2010)!!! The segment included other ‘gotta have it’ new products, as presented by Daily Candy. For more info on the Yantra Mat, an acupressure mat that provides stress and muscle pain relief, visit YantraWay.com. For all media inquiries, email Termeh(at)AMP3pr.com

Yantra Mat featured in Daily Candy!

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AMP3’s client, Yantra Mat, was in the national edition of Daily Candy on Thursday, February 4th! The Yantra Mat is one of the featured items for “relaxing” that is listed in the “Weekend Guide.” The guide is Daily Candy’s weekly handbook to recommendations on things to do and try in the upcoming weekend. You can read the full-length article from …

Yantra Mat featured in Glamour Magazine and the Huffington Post!

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AMP3’s client Yantra Mat was featured on Glamour.com’s Health & Fitness blog as well as The Huffington Post on Tuesday, February 2nd! Glamour’s Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive and Huffington Post’s Editor-in-Chief Ariana Huffington conducted a “sleep challenge” where they try different products that are designed to help people sleep better. One of the items featured was none other than the Yantra …

Yantra Mat – makers of acupressure yoga mats – launches www.YantraWay.com!

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YantraWay.com, the exclusive US distributor of the original acupressure mat, the Yantra Mat, has finally launched! The Yantra Mat, which is a gentler version of the ancient Indian nail bed, is made up of 8,800 non-toxic ABS plastic spikes aimed to spread a deep sense of relaxation and alleviate symptoms such as back pain, restless sleep, and stress. The mats …

AMP3 PR adds Yantra (acupressure mat creators) to their roster!


AMP3 PR just added the newly launched YantraWay.com to their roster! Yantra mats are yoga mats with 8,800 acupressure points that provide the soothing sensations of a back massage, while energizing your mind and body. Read more about these hot new acupressure mats at YantraWay.com! For all media inquiries, please email Yantra publicist Termeh Mazhari at Yantra@AMP3pr.com. Follow Yantra on …