Yantra Mat featured in Marie Claire, Glamour, Shape, Real Simple and more!

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The Yantra Mat by Yantra Way was recently featured in a number of publications including Marie Claire Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and Real Simple.

The Yantra Mat, a gentler version of the ancient Indian nail bed, is studded with 8,800 non-toxic ABS plastic spikes. The spikes feel sharp, but with your body’s weight distributed evenly over the mat, an intense sensation quickly gives way to a comforting rush of heat. This natural response to acupressure comes from increased circulation, which lowers blood pressure and soothes aches and pains. Within minutes, this improved blood flow triggers a deep sense of relaxation.

Yantra Mat recently debuted the Yantra Kit. This three-part acupressure kit for the body helps to enhance the entire Yantra experience and includes the Yantra Belt, Yantra Pillow and Yantra Rings. The Yantra Belt allows you to perform acupressure anywhere, without relying on meditative poses. Use the whole belt for large areas, or divide it with the zipper to treat more difficult-to-reach places. The Yantra Pillow, with it’s inflatable pouch, conforms to any shape providing treatment to your neck, lower back and/or jawline. You can also use it in conjunction with the mat to help support your neck while lying on your back. The Yantra Rings include 1 medium and 1 large ring and they help to alleviate temporary aches in your fingers and joints.

The Yantra Kit is priced at $29 for the kit on its own, or $69 for the kit along with The Yantra Mat.

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