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CAMP3 PR Boot Camp Is Back

SamanthaAMP3Minutes, Event

Following the success of our inaugural PR boot camp last Summer, we’re excited to announce the return of our second annual “CAMP3” PR Boot Camp! Designed to mentor college students in the New York City area, who are interested in PR, marketing, and communications, this “give-back” program will introduce students to the real world of fashion and lifestyle PR. The …

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Summer in the City: AMP3’s Nail Color of Choice

SamanthaBeauty, Summer in the City

One constant debate amongst every woman is what color to paint their nails.  You want your hands to look pretty and sleek while finding a color that matches your personality, or possibly a particular occasion. Especially in the summer, it’s fun to experiment!  Perhaps you’re feeling bold enough to try an explosion of color that screams summer fun.  Or would you like to try nail art, or a different nail shape perchance? The options are endless, and it seems that new nail techniques and colors are popping up all around.


The Importance of SEO

SamanthaAMP3Minutes, SEO and PPC

Digital, digital, digital. A word we hear every day, everywhere we go. It feels like the majority of organizations, people, and products all have some connection to the internet, whether it be through media outlets, personal social media accounts, or websites for companies of various size. The digital world is so vast, nearly anything is possible. So how should we best utilize our digital opportunities for our most successful results? Like the Internet, that question has a wide range of answers. However, from a public relations perspective, we can help narrow that down for you.