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Summer in the City: AMP3’s Nail Color of Choice

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One constant debate amongst every woman is what color to paint their nails.  You want your hands to look pretty and sleek while finding a color that matches your personality, or possibly a particular occasion.

Especially in the summer, it’s fun to experiment!  Perhaps you’re feeling bold enough to try an explosion of color that screams summer fun.  Or would you like to try nail art, or a different nail shape perchance? The options are endless, and it seems that new nail techniques and colors are popping up all around.

Harper's Bazaar put together a list of Spring/Summer 2018 Runway nail color trends that we think are totally on point. These trends include:

  • Matte: matte nails are super in for summer and were seen all over the runways
  • Ballerina Nails: an off-white/nude polish look was the perfect color at Sophia Webster's show
  • Word Nail Art: think stenciled lettering of words like "life force" and "mercy me" as seeen at the Preen show
  • Neon: pink, orange, yellow or blue, neon nails are in again as seen at the Fenty and Jeremy Scott shows
  • Two-Tone Pastel: try painting one half of your nail matte white and the other half in a light pastel shade of pale green or blue
  • Metallic: try an inky blue metallic shade like the one used at the Roland Mouret show
  • Blue French: a new take on the french manicure, try baby blue tips instead of traditional white

This week on our Summer in the City column, our team at AMP3 PR is sharing with you their summer nail color of choice to help you start brainstorming what’s next for your nails.

                                           So AMP3, you get one nail color all summer long, what is it?

Alyson Roy, Co-Founder and Lead PublicistCoral is my go to!  Not too orange, not too pink. I also just tried a gel dip powder manicure and it lasted twice as long as a regular gel manicure (over 5 weeks!).  It’s a super low maintenance way to keep my nails looking bright and fresh in my favorite color, so I’ll be splurging on that for the summer!

Ashley Lutzker, Sr. Account Director and Lead Publicist: I've recently fallen hard for the color Charmed from our nail polish client KL Polish, I love the hologram effect it gives off and for some reason it reminds me of unicorns so I often refer to it as my "Unicorn" polish. If I was able to pick a second color it would be matte white, white seems to really pop in summer and brings back fond memories of painting my nails with Wite-Out in study hall.

Yellow Nail KL Polish

Rachel Olivia-Valdes, Jr. Account Executive: This is a really hard question for me. I’m currently obsessed with KL Polish summer collection, Havana Heat. I think if I had to pick a shade to rock all summer though, it would be either Celia (a muted hot pink) or Tropicana (a bright, sunny yellow)!

Megan Reeves, Jr. Account Executive: A red coral probably!

Samantha Grant, College Intern: Light pastel pink. It’s cute, chic, and a small pop of color without being too bold.  You can also match so many summer outfits to it.

You can find some variation of these colors available online and at most nail salons.  If you're in NYC for the Summer, we also suggest checking out some of our favorite city based nail salons for a top-shelf manicure and pedicure, including: Paintbox, Bisou, Jin Soon, and Primp & Polish. Hope you find the perfect color to rock this summer!

Didn’t catch our last Summer in the City column with our Summer Beauty Must-Haves?  No worries, we’ve got it right here for you to check out.  See you next week!!

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