The Importance of SEO

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Digital, digital, digital.  A word we hear every day, everywhere we go.  It feels like the majority of organizations, people, and products all have some connection to the internet, whether it be through media outlets, personal social media accounts, or websites for companies of various size.  The digital world is so vast, nearly anything is possible.  So how should we best utilize our digital opportunities for our most successful results?

Like the Internet, that question has a wide range of answers.  However, from a public relations perspective, we can help narrow that down for you.

With the heavy presence of the digital marking today, almost everyone has heard of a term called search engine optimization (SEO).  What people do not always realize is the importance that public relations, content marketing, and SEO have in working cohesively together to be the most successful on the digital stage.


For a quick recap defined by PR Mention’s blog, SEO is the practice of increasing traffic to your website through search engine results.  PR is all about building positive and beneficial relationships between organizations and the public, while content marketing is about bringing in relevant and consistent content to attract and maintain an audience. 

We know that sounds like a lot!  Indeed, these three prongs of digital communication do overlap with each other in some way or another, and while each can stand firmly on its own, all three succeed best when working together.

The key to making them strongest is through the use of one tactic, SEO.  According to SEO for Growth, a book written by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton, “search engine strategy pulls in the visitors and content converts them.”

In other words, SEO improves your website’s online ranking but your content and message needs to keep people there, and hopefully, keep them coming back for more.  That doesn’t mean your own regular outreach efforts are not useful, they are!  However, an SEO presence can help you expand upon that outreach through a simple Google search.

According to PR News, there is so much more to SEO presence than just putting in a few keywords on your website that would come up in a Goggle search.  Most people tend to stop there, but that’s not good enough!  PR News Guidebook:  Google for Communicators, by Dr. Olesya Venger, outlines 12 important points that every communicator should follow when trying to increase their SEO presence.  We’ve compiled 5 of them for you to get an idea:

  • Follow the 3/100 rule: for every 100 words you write about a product or person, include 3 keywords
  • Keywords should be popular words in the industry you are targeting
  • Provide ways for people to visit more content through links and various pages
  • Rely on bullets to make reading easier (it’s also an excuse to use more keywords)
  • Use tags and categories to sort your site content (it’s easy to maneuver for users)

Here at AMP3 PR, we follow these rules ourselves and encourage you to do the same, whether it’s for business, or for personal benefit such as social media.

A bit of advice we have for you is to make your SEO content fun and enjoyable for the reader! It’s so easy to list off “keywords” or to make your content seem monotonous.  Sometimes the nature of what your writing about or promoting isn’t always the most exhilarating, but that’s okay!

Come up with a way to creatively combine your content with keywords and themes that capture your targeted audience.  You should definitely stay consistent with the tone of your organization but we find the best way to connect with an audience is to stay professional while being relatable. There are so many SEO Tools available to help grow your business. That goes with whatever field you are in!

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