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How to Get the Most Out of Instagram…Without Spending Money

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Effective Instagram Stories and Campaigns for Brands

Instagram is arguably one of the hottest social media platforms at the moment.  It’s a space for companies, people, brands, and more to interact with a tailored audience…or even the whole world.  While there is positivity in Instagram’s size, it does not necessarily have a leveled playing field.

According to PR News, Manu Muraro, founder of Your Social Team, works with small brands to improve their social media presence without paid features.  Whether you’re a brand looking to promote your product or an influencer trying to make a change, there is competition amongst all Instagram users to garner likes and status.  Instagram’s paid posts, allow you to better reach an audience, however, not everyone can afford that feature.

These are some of Muraro’s suggestions on how to become Insta-successful without breaking the bank:

  • STEP UP YOUR CONTENT – Instagram posts need to be creative, fun, and exciting to keep an audience engaged. Yet, there needs to be a sense of consistency with your posts, as well.  Pick a theme or style in your captions and/or visual content that is unique to you.
  • DON’T FORGET ABOUT INSTAGRAM STORIES – Within recent months, Instagram now offers Stories and Highlights to post even more content for the same audience. With Stories, you can stay creative by making your posts interactive by tagging people, adding links, fun graphics, and more.  Highlights are just a way of saving Stories that eventually disappear.  The coolest feature: you can even go live!
  • POST MORE OFTEN – This is simple. The more you post, the more you stay in people’s faces and remain relevant.  This could be your greatest key, however, don’t go crazy and over-post.  Particularly, do not post content that, again, is not consistent with the material you normally would post.

At AMP3 PR, we work with a number of our clients to develop their social media presence, on both a consulting and full management basis, and we 100% agree with Manu Muraro's recommendations above.  Developing a consistent visual presence and tone of voice is pivotal for your brand.  You want a potential fan or customer to be able to come to your Instagram page and quickly be able to tell exactly who you are and what you're all about.

Once that's set, you can get into Instagram Stories. Stories are a great place to share in-the-moment content that perhaps doesn't fit with the visual presence that you've developed, but is still content you want to share.  If you decide you want that content to live on your page longer then 24 hours allotted for Stories, you can create a highlight reel.  We always recommend that our clients create highlights for press placements and any events that they participate in.

As for posting regularly, this one should be a no-brainer. We recommend coming up with a daily posting schedule so that you can plan out your content ahead of time and find a rhythm with it.  Once you have these 3 tactics down, you can then evaluate whether it really makes sense to spend money on Instagram advertising.

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