The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots In New York City: Holiday 2021

The 6 Most Instagrammable Spots In New York City: Holiday 2021

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It’s easy to argue that holiday time is the best time of the year: especially after the year we’ve all had. Between trying out new baked good recipes to spending quality time with family and friends, holiday time never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. With this being said, there is always one thing many of us look …

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fashion and Beauty Lovers Everywhere

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Now more than ever there feels like there is this added pressure to buy the people you care about most the “perfect” holiday gift. Heck, after what the year 2020 has been, everyone needs it. But how are you supposed to do that when it feels like everyone has been online shopping since last March? Haven’t they already bought all …

What To Do When It Feels Like There’s Nothing To Do: NYC COVID Edition

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Let’s be honest, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot from us. It has taken birthday celebrations, anniversaries, baby showers and so much more. But with this being said, it hasn’t taken everything. There are so many things you can still do with friends and family: the key is you just have to get creative! Especially in New York City, …


How TikTok is Becoming the Next Big PR Tool

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There’s no doubt that TikTok is rapidly changing how brands and publicists use social media marketing. This platform, which consists of short 15-60 second videos, covers about every topic you can imagine. You want to see people sing? Go to TikTok. You want to learn about the latest fashion trends? Go to TikTok. But what is relatively new is its …