How TikTok is Becoming the Next Big PR Tool

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There’s no doubt that TikTok is rapidly changing how brands and publicists use social media marketing. This platform, which consists of short 15-60 second videos, covers about every topic you can imagine. You want to see people sing? Go to TikTok. You want to learn about the latest fashion trends? Go to TikTok. But what is relatively new is its ability to be used as a PR tool. TikTok, which was once a place where young teens connected with online friends, is now a PR guru’s dream. Agencies everywhere can now use the platform to launch PR campaigns for any of their client’s marketing needs.

The Original Campaign Launch

According to an article written by Business Wire, in the first quarter of 2018 TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app. GUESS, seeing it’s booming success, decided to ultimately partner with TikTok to sponsor its first-ever fashion campaign launch: and to say it went viral would be an understatement. Together, GUESS and TikTok used the #InMyDenim challenge to unite people from all over the world and generate buzz around their brand. This challenge ran from September 1-6 and up until today, the hashtag has received just shy of 53 million views. This launch caught the attention of numerous popular creators including Dani Zvulun (1.7M followers) and Danielle Cohn (18.4M followers) and many more in between. With this being said, GUESS is just one of many brands that have utilized TikTok’s platform for a PR campaign. Brands such as Nike and Fenty Beauty have used TikTok and seen first hand it’s unwavering success.

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Why TikTok?

Between all of these social media platforms, what’s the pull to TikTok in particular? What’s making companies and individuals everywhere put less emphasis on platforms such as Instagram and more on TikTok? Well first off, TikTok has a massive global reach. The app was originally created in China and made its way to the United States a couple of years ago. But their reach doesn’t stop there. TikTok has a presence in countries such as India and places in Europe. From a publicity standpoint, this is amazing! TikTok’s massive global recognition means that by advertising on it, brands everywhere will be able to be promoted all over the world. It just takes one video going viral to make you, your company, or your PR campaign the next big TikTok sensation.

Along with this, TikTok gives brands the ability to partner with popular creators who they otherwise may not have been connected with before. For example, Dunkin Donuts earlier this year struck up a sponsorship with Charil D’Amelio, one of the largest creators on TikTok with just shy of 90M followers. She also has had the chance to partner with makeup brands such as Morphe beauty: a partnership that led to a collaboration with Charli and her sister, Dixie (38.5M followers). This partnership blossomed, and they now have their own makeup line with Morphe: a win-win for both them, and the brand. Addison Rae (61.3M followers) has also recently begun working with Item Beauty, starting her own makeup collection as well. Along with this, Taylor Holder (15.4M followers) and Bryce Hall (13.7M followers) and numerous others have partnered with Bang energy, promoting the company and their heavily-desired energy drinks. Long story short, the possibilities for partnerships and campaigns are endless.

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So many platforms to choose from!

The last main draw for PR agencies and companies to this platform is the idea that TikTok is a space for everybody: a virtual universe that promotes inclusivity, acceptance and celebrates different ways of life. Popular creators across the app have varying interests and the companies they partner with express that! The ability to make ads and PR campaigns feel “normal”, make them seem like the product/brand they are promoting is actually part of their life, is unique. Going back to Charli’s partnership with Dunkin, from the very beginning she has been vocal about her love for the American staple. So, when she started working with them, it didn’t come as a shock. The fact that TikTok gives brands the space and opportunity to partner with people who truly love their product is somewhat unique, and just another reason as to why TikTok is booming!

Overall, there are many avenues you can take and platforms you can utilize when looking to launch a successful PR campaign. But, if you are looking for one that provides you with a massive global reach as well as gives you the opportunity to partner with creators who actually represent your brand, look no further. TikTok is here.

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