Best drinks for 2021

Your Go-To Cocktail Guide for Summer 2021

Caroline KnightlyFood and Beverage, Lifestyle

With the summer season approaching, we can always count on a cooling, fruity cocktail to get us through the pounding summer days. If you like it straight, invest in a good liquor. Spend that paycheck you’ve been saving on a nice Patrón or Don Julio. When you’re craving something extravagant, go out on a limb and order that specialty cocktail …

Preparing for Summer 2021: COVID-19

Caroline KnightlyLifestyle, Summer in the City

As we approach the summer season, we are all itching to get out of our shoebox apartments and out on the town. With the vaccine being distributed at a rapid pace, every generation is ready to get back to their normal way of life. From limited visitors in a nursing home to entering a bar without a mask, we’re on …

Clothing and accessories

Styling Your Denim

Caroline KnightlyFashion

It’s no secret that denim never goes out of style. For decades, denim has been every woman’s go-to style statement. It’s also not the worst thing in the world that you can wear denim in every season. Dress it up or down, short or long, you’ll never be disappointed and you’ll always be that fashion icon you were born to …

Handbag accessories

Handbag Necessities

Caroline KnightlyBeauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Everyone loves a good handbag, it’s the accent piece to your outfit. However, they’re also crucial when it comes to a long day out or a night on the town. It checks all the boxes when it comes to your style, but we know that it’s also your survival kit. Although it may look like the cutest little accessory, it’s …

Light blue spring outfit, accessorizing with matching sneakers and jewelry

Opening Your Spring Closet 2021

Caroline KnightlyFashion, Lifestyle

As the days start to get warmer and longer, I think we can all agree it’s time to put the scarves and puffer jackets away. The range in temperatures can make us question our closet, however, with items like these, you’ll be able to dress for all the dramatic weather changes. Take a leap of faith and mix up your …