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Styling Your Denim

Caroline KnightlyFashion

Woman in denim cuffing her jeans.

It’s no secret that denim never goes out of style. For decades, denim has been every woman’s go-to style statement. It’s also not the worst thing in the world that you can wear denim in every season. Dress it up or down, short or long, you’ll never be disappointed and you’ll always be that fashion icon you were born to be. Every season denim is welcome into our closets, but in different and unique ways. With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to open your spring closet and put those skinny jeans away to break out the ripped denim shorts. Let your legs breathe, your arms flail and your smile shine.

Color Wheel

Blue jeans with booties

Black, white and blue. All the go-to and essential denim pieces we need in our closet, but what if we decided to change that up? There’s endless possibilities with colored denim, you just need to find the right fit. This spring, go outside your comfort zone and embark on a journey into the color wheel. Maybe a light pink or a washed-out grey could be the missing piece of the puzzle in your outfit. Don’t hold back! We all remember the the bright colors we wore as pre-teens, maybe it’s time to bring back that kind of energy. While we usually revert to our natural instincts of the classic ‘blue jean,’ we’re cutting off the rest of the fashion world by doing so. Distressed or solid denim can come in all different colors. Find the shade that fits your style and personality the most in a way that lets yourself glow!

Show Some Skin!

Girl in jean shorts against a car

With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to let that skin breathe. Your arms and legs are meant to be set free, letting you venture around the places you love in the clothing that you love. Distressed denim shorts give you that casual, sexy look feeding into your badass energy. If you’re still working off that winter weight, there’s nothing a high-waisted denim short can’t fix. Now it’s time to let those shoulders feel those sun rays. It’s been a cold, long year so it’s time to get that glow going just in time for summer. Denim on the bottom is everyone’s go-to, but what about on top? A denim tank top or vest will compliment your outfit perfectly, giving you that free range of motion in your arms, while also keeping you cool.

Skirts or Shorts?

Jean shorts with a red top

This has always been such a heated debate in the fashion world. A jean skirt or a pair of jean shorts. Both serve the same purpose, with the same amount of class, but what do you do? It’s no secret that jean skirts have made a comeback in the last 5 years, so maybe it’s time to take advantage of that before they disappear again! However, with your jean shorts you can move freely, jump around the beach like you’ve been waiting to do. This summer, lean more towards that light washed denim skirt that goes well with that white ruffled top you have. Maybe compliment the look with some gold jewelry or an accent color.

When is it Time for White?

Woman on beach in denim jacket

We’re all so excited to finally break out our white denim, but we know the rule….Memorial Day Weekend! Partner your solid white denim with a red tank or go for the white-out look. With a bright white, you need that accent piece of jewelry, make yourself a sight for sore eyes. It’s time to break out the light-weight, light -colored arrangements for this Summer weather. We know the color black is a woman’s best friend, we can’t go wrong with it, literally…it looks good on everyone. Try to burst that bubble and replace those black jeans with a white denim skirt. Just remember, past September, it’s time to put those fashion trends to rest. Don’t worry though…that’s a lifetime away.


Woman accessorizing with a watch

Every outfit, denim or not, needs to be properly accessorized. However, when it comes to white, you have so much more wiggle room to make a statement with your accessories. Everything goes with white, whether it’s a pattern, a bright color, a print, etc. A long necklace or big earrings will add a pop of color and funk to your outfit in a way that’ll bring out your inner teenage girl. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it, we all need to appreciate the season of wearing white. For 4 or 5 months out of the year, we have to appreciate the color white and all that she has to offer.

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