Light blue spring outfit, accessorizing with matching sneakers and jewelry

Opening Your Spring Closet 2021

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"Beauty" spelled out in flowers, representing spring time and the beauty trends.

As the days start to get warmer and longer, I think we can all agree it’s time to put the scarves and puffer jackets away. The range in temperatures can make us question our closet, however, with items like these, you’ll be able to dress for all the dramatic weather changes. Take a leap of faith and mix up your colors and patterns this season. From accessorizing to hairstyles, your spring look can differ from all of those years prior, but this time better!

From Beanie to Boujee

We all love a good hat to accessorize with. Whether it’s a beanie or baseball cap to hide your bed head, or a fedora to give your outfit a little extra glam, you can never go wrong with a hat. From wool to leather to cotton, everyone can find a style that fits their outfit and their vibe. In this upcoming spring season, all the rage is the wool fedora to compliment that Sunday brunch outfit. Neutral colors are the way to go, especially if you want to accessorize in another dramatic way, like a patterned clutch or belt. A stylish hat wouldn’t really be considered a basic item, but an item we all need. Although it may be a risk for some to add such a statement to their outfit, going outside your comfort zone this season will help you stand out like the queen you are.

Woman in a wool, black fedora walking through a park

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

Animal print….I know, it’s a hit or miss. It’s not for everyone, but if you do it right, you will become the ultimate show stopper. We know snake print has made a comeback, but what about cheetah? The rustic orangey-brown mix with a jet black pattern will add the ultimate finishing touch to your outfit, regardless of what color you’re wearing. Can’t we all agree…if it’s black, it can go with anything. A light wash jean with a neutral color or hot pink top….just add that cheetah print and you’ve done it!

Cheetah print slip on sneakers along a brick pathway

Business in the Front

A woman in the sunlight with an oversized blazer and basic white tee

Like the boss lady that you are, you need a good oversized blazer. Dress it up or dress it down, but you’ll never disappoint. From wool to leather and suede, mix it up with a plaid pattern or a solid statement color. The oversized blazer is for comfort and class, giving you free range to walk around the city while also catching the eyes of your fellow neighbors. With a skinny jean or boyfriend shorts paired with booties or combat boots, you’ll be enjoying the spring weather while also looking like you’re walking down the runway.

Show Some Leg

A maroon skirt paired with a light wash jean jacket and patterned purse.

With the warmer seasons approaching, it’s time to break out those legs you’ve been hiding for the last 4 months. It’s time to come out of hibernation…a quick shave and a spray tan with a patterned skirt will have heads turning. Don’t be afraid to rock that mini skirt, you know you want to! There’s so many styles, lengths and fabrics to choose from, pick what you feel most beautiful in, it’s your time to shine. From body con to ruffles, a statement skirt will complete your Saturday, strolling-through-the-park look. A vibrant color will scream Spring, so live on the edge, buy a green skirt.

Leather it up!

A woman in a leather jacket, paired with a wool scarf along the coast.

From head to toe, you can never go wrong with leather. Headband, jacket, pants or shoes, it all makes sense. If you play your cards right, there can never be a thing as too much leather, just make sure you don’t leave the house looking like Bat Woman. A leather pant with a leather jacket will compliment each other perfectly, as long as you have the right top. A basic halter, cotton top will complete the look, however, not take away from the boujee statement you’re trying to make.

Up, Down, to the Side

Short, medium or long, your hair can do wonders. This season, style your hair up, down or parted to the side in a way that ties your look together. A messy bun or low bun is casual, sexy and comfortable, keeping those extra hairs away from the prized possession…your face! If you want to let those luscious locks free, add a little beach wave to the ends to let those highlights really get their 15 minutes of fame. Once the days get warmer, a high pony tail will be your end all be all. The best way to complete this high pony look, let your curtain bangs flow in the wind, giving you that messy yet sophisticated look.

Blonde highlights being emphasized in a brunette

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