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Your Go-To Cocktail Guide for Summer 2021

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With the summer season approaching, we can always count on a cooling, fruity cocktail to get us through the pounding summer days. If you like it straight, invest in a good liquor. Spend that paycheck you’ve been saving on a nice Patrón or Don Julio. When you’re craving something extravagant, go out on a limb and order that specialty cocktail on the menu. From fruity to savory, there’s endless amounts of combinations you can create to spice up your summer get together. The classic summer cocktail recipes, which range from simple to more intensive concoctions, are ideal for hot weather drinking and spicing up the party. From a classic Margarita to a fulfilling Piña Colada, this summer will be one to remember.

Summer cocktails

Tequila, Please…

Silver tequila, Cointreau and lime juice are the essentials. A salted rim is simply preference, however, adds a good twist to your first sip. Once it hits happy hour, it’s socially acceptable to down that margarita in record time…you deserve it. Before the sun sets, make sure you’re body is content with a light appetizer and a fair amount of tequila in front of you. A nice chilled cocktail glass will give you that taste of “Ahhh,” and relief. Let the salt and tequila sizzle on your tastebuds, as the ice cubes melt along the sides of your mouth. If you want to stray away from the classic margarita and go outside of the box, you can always try a Paloma. Silver tequila combined with a pinch of salt, lime juice and grapefruit juice will leave your mouth watering for more. Stray away from that basic yellow-looking drink and bring a little pink into your life!

Tequila shot with lime and salt

Hurricane Season

When August rolls around, celebrate accordingly with a Hurricane. Just like the sky and the clouds, darken your drink with some dark rum and passion fruit syrup. To add a twist, drop in some orange slices, maraschino cherries and some fresh lemon juice. To balance out the strong flavors, make sure you fill your hurricane glass with more ice than usual, from the bottom to top. Throughout the evening, the flavors will be able to combine nicely with a hint of melted ice to calm down the citrus taste. If you’re not a dark rum kind of drinker, switch it out for a light vodka or lighter rum…Anything that agrees with your tastebuds. When the sun goes down, you have a reason to celebrate, whether you’re inside snuggled under a blanket, or enjoying yourself while dancing in the rain!

Hurricane Drink with Lemon

Signature Sangria!

One of the most classic drinks of all time: Sangria! The classic Spanish way to make this drink includes a dry yet sweet taste, avoiding the overload of sugar. The importance of this drink is to incorporate the darkness of the red wine and the lightness of the simple fruits and ice cubes. In the US, however, Americans are used to the extensive use of ginger ale and red wine, but we’re not complaining! We just like to add our own hint of spice to the recipe, some with a bigger sweet tooth than others. To spice up the recipe and go back to the Spanish origins, cut up apples and oranges to give the pitcher of sangria that natural, organic sugary taste. To balance out the bitterness of red wine, stir in some orange juice and pop your straw in!

Sangria glasses with fruit

Rosé All Day & All Night

I think we can all agree that a fat glass of Whispering Angel after the clock strikes five and the work day ends, is something we all look forward to. Whether you take it warm or with a couple ice cubes, the thirst-quenching beverage cures all. Why have a glass of water when you can have a glass of Rosé and a good time? Once you open that Igloo cooler, you’ll be drooling at the mouth when the light pink bottle starts staring back at you. Pair that Mommy Juice with a board of cheese and crackers, maybe some olives and prosciutto if you’re feeling fancy. Whether you’re just legal to drink or creeping upon retirement, Rosé is a classic, relaxing beverage for all age groups.

Glass of sparkling Rose Wine

Keep it Simple

Not into the fancy liquors or colors of the cocktails? Crack open a cold one to keep it short and sweet. A Corona, Miller Lite or Bud Lite will be able to hold you over the afternoon, defeating that quench of thirst that’s been living in your throat all morning. A bottle or a can, there’s nothing like a firm grip around a beer that makes you feel more in control. We can all agree there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer on the beach with a nice side of potato chips or BBQ food…

Corona Bottle in sand

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