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The Advantages of an NYC Based PR Firm

SamanthaAMP3Minutes, Public Relations (PR)

The Big Apple, Gotham, The City That Never Sleeps, The Center of the Universe, Empire City, The Melting Pot…  

There’s a reason why the infamous NYC has so many names; not one name can encompass the magnitude, power, success, beauty, and presence that this city holds.  Between the bustle of Wall Street, the influence of ad agencies up and down Madison Avenue, the call to fashion from the streets of the Garment District to the boutiques in Soho, the rich restaurants of the top chefs in the world, it’s without a doubt that New York City is the land of plenty.  

In this great city, every industry has the opportunity to thrive, simply because they’re based in NYC.  As a New York PR firm, whose home has been here in the city for nearly 15 years, we want to share with you some of those advantages that come from being a public relations firm in NYC.


A cab ride away, a subway ride away, even a short walk away; everything in NYC is at your feet.  As publicists, it’s important to build relationships with the media. Based on where we work, we have easy access to some of the top media behemoths in the world from Hearst to Conde Nast, including top publications like Vogue, Cosmo, Elle, Good Housekeeping, and more.  For any other publicist outside of New York, these publications are an email away, but we can actually go on deskside visits and bring our clients’ products directly to the table in person.  This is key to maximizing the exposure of brands.

New York City Launches

According to the NYC DOT, there’s a lot of people in Times Square, and that’s just Times Square alone.  Manhattan in general has a population of 1.7 million people, the most populated city in the US, making it a great place for business.  With the constant foot traffic in the city that never sleeps, businesses get attention on a daily basis, and for this reason it is great to have pop-up store testing and launch events for brands.

Especially in fashion public relations, we are constantly throwing events for clients, whether it be a product launch party for media and influencers, a pop-up store attracting those just passing by, or better yet…an event hosted at a pop-up! When it comes to pop-ups in particular, we already have the media and influencers in NYC that we have to work a little harder for, but for the average pedestrian or local New Yorker, they love to check out a new spot!   The benefit of this could be anything from sales at the store, to social media coverage, to simply word of mouth business and attraction.  Essentially, NYC gives businesses a platform to present themselves in one place, all while carrying national attention.  

NYC Influencers:

NYC is home to some of the country’s oldest and most unique architecture, as well as some of the world’s most modern, luxurious designs.  Naturally, with all its history and beauty, it has become not just a hotbed for tourists, but for Instagrammers.  Otherwise known as Influencers, Instagrammers are just as important to PR professionals as the media is.  The number of influencers in NYC is one of the highest in the country, so by having a high number in a concentrated area, that allows for more connections made by PR firms, whether it’s sending out product, inviting them to launches and pop-ups, hiring them as brand ambassadors, etc.  Some of their favorite spots to be photographed include the Flatiron Building, Central Park, Museum Row on 5th Ave, Washington Square Park, and throughout Manhattan’s East and West Villages.    

Multi-National, Multicultural:

Everything, and I mean everything, you want you can find in this city.  With an abundance of food, from Michelin Star restaurants to hole in the wall take out options, NYC has every cuisine you could want.  That is in part due to the melting pot of people and culture the city holds including the ethnic neighborhood of Astoria Queens (Greek), Little Italy, Chinatown, Koreatown, Greenpoint Brooklyn (Polish), and the Ukrainian area of the East Village.

Looking to entertain you clients? Searching for food vendors for client events? PR firms have a wide array of impressive options to choose from, making themselves, their clients, and their clients’ audiences equally satisfied.  This also goes for fashion and art! High-quality niche products, avant garde designs, an everything in between that otherwise struggle to find an audience can thrive here.

Celebrity and Celebrity Stylists:

Another unique aspect of NYC, is that it’s home to a number of celebrities and celebrity stylists.  Some call it a second home to Los Angeles, while others consider themselves New Yorkers to the core.  Between the sheer population of celebrities in Manhattan, to the number of high-profile events, award shows, movie premieres and filming, a number of stylists reside in NYC including Thomas Carter Phillips, Kate Young, Molly Dickson, Jason Rembert, Jordan Foster and Erin Walsh.  Some of their distinguished clients include Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Issa Rae, Ben Platt, James Marsden, Rami Malek, Armie Hammer, and so much more.  According to Forbes Travel Guide, some of the best places to spot these stylish celebrities include Broadway, The Polo Bar, The Rainbow Room, and Del Posto in Meatpacking.    

Fashion & New York Fashion Week:

This one is really only relevant if you’re working in the fashion space; PR, advertising, marketing, design, etc.  If you do in fact work in fashion there is no better place to do so than in NYC. We’ve already mentioned the abundance of shops, from thrift stores to high end boutiques.  Some of the world’s best fashion design schools are here, like the Fashion Institute of Technology, and global hit shows like Project Runway are filmed in NYC as well. While there are endless daily fashion opportunities, it’s perhaps NYFW that makes NYC the heart of fashion in the US.  Occurring twice a year, NYFW brings together haute couture designers such as Chanel and Dior, and mixes them with up and coming, independent designers. It is the ultimate place to be seen.

The New York Personality:

It takes a certain personality type to embrace the Frank Sinatra lyrics “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.  New Yorkers don’t take no for an answer, they are a persistent, head strong group of people. While for some, it can be intimidating to be around the intensity of the people in NYC, for others it’s motivating, encouraging, and a large driving force behind their success.  NYC is full of people who are the best in their business, including in public relations. For us, that acts as a driver to compete to be a top PR firm by consistently pursuing our endless goals.

Overall, NYC is the place to be if you’re a PR firm or looking for PR opportunities.  Between access to media, influencers, and celebrities, the easy ability to host launch events and pop-ups, the wide array of cultures and people, and having NYFW right at your doorstep, the Big Apple proves time and time again to be the perfect city for this industry.  

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