CES 2014 and The 5 Best New Tech Gadgets

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place from January 7-10 in Las Vegas and this years tradeshow was another whirlwind. Attendees came away with a peak at some of the best new consumer electronics and technology on the market. According to our friends at Rundown, these are the Top 5 gadgets from the 2014 show.

1. The LaCie Sphere: A sphere like hard drive that’s hand silvered in France by Cristofle, holds a mean amount of data, and might be the best looking item on your desk. Retail price $490.

2. Mother: “Mother” is your digital warden, keeping an eye on everything you want it to monitor through “cookies,” little wireless sensors that can track how much water you’re drinking, how much you’re moving, whether someone’s opening your front door, or the temperature in your baby’s room. The great thing is that you can customize Mother’s sensors to your needs instead of relying on many different tracking devices to do the same thing. Retail price $222.

3. Razer Nabu: While smart watches were everywhere at CES this year, the Razer Nabu is more than that. It’s actually more like a fitness band — which counts steps and stairs, tracks your sleep, and more — with dual OLED displays. On one display, you’ll see data from your phone (notifications for incoming calls or email, for example), and on the other you’ll see additional info such as Caller ID. Razer’s banking on developers turning it into a fully-fledged mobile platform for your wrist. Retail price TBA.

4. MakerBot Replicator Mini: MakerBot’s latest consumer-level 3-D printer that’s small enough for a desktop, easy to fill with cartridges, and even easier to print with. It prints with up to to 200-micron layer resolution, providing smooth lines for prototypes, toys, parts, or whatever it is you feel like conjuring out of thin air. Retail price $1,375.

5. Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” Prototype: Unless you’re a game developer (or Tony Stark), you might not get your hands on this baby any time soon, but it still represents a leap forward in gaming. While Oculus already set the standard for new, immersive virtual reality tech with its still-in-beta Rift headset, this year’s “Crystal Cove” prototype walked away with the “Best of CES Award for 2014,” wowing everyone with an innovative series of IR dots that track the user’s head position in space, which adds extra degrees of movement so games know when you lean forward, pull back, and so much more.

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